10 Biggest High School Regrets

In high school, it is safe to say I wasn’t an ideal student. There were many, and I mean many, things that I would change if I could. I was a slacker. School just wasn’t an interest to me, studying wasn’t an interest to me. I even realized while I was in high school that I should’ve worked a little bit harder, but I just didn’t have the motivation to do so. I did enough to pass, but now, I’m not even sure how I did pass. Sitting here and thinking about it, I’m only now realizing how many things I actually do regret about high school, and that’s why I’m about to tell you my 10 high school regrets.

My first regret would be studying. That seems pretty obvious, because I feel like that would be on everyone’s list of regrets, but that is the most important for me. I never studied, to put it plainly. Math was always my worst subject in every single grade, especially high school, but yet, I still didn’t study. If I had the time to go back, I would at least study for final exams at the end of the year, because I never even did that.

My second regret is taking French in tenth grade. Seems silly, but that was one of the worst classes I had ever taken. It wasn’t the teacher, or the people in the class, it was the fact that we had to learn French. I thought it would be cool to learn a new language, and I also found out that one of my friends was in the class, but let’s pretend that had nothing to do with it, so I joined it. French was never an easy thing for me, and every time we had to do work on our own, I didn’t understand any of it and I just ended up feeling stupid because everyone else seemed to get it.

Photo by nuchylee FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by nuchylee FreeDigitalPhotos

Procrastinating. That is one thing I loved to do in high school. To be honest, I’m still quite guilty of that now. I always leave things for the last minute. In high school, there had been times when we had a week or more to work on assignments, and then the day before it was due, I would have five pages of homework to complete. Some things never change, though, I guess.

Time for the next one. I definitely regret not joining any clubs. Before I started high school, I was thinking about all the cool clubs I was going to join, but when high school actually came around, that idea went out the window. I regret not joining clubs because if I had, I could have met a lot of people, and it was difficult for me to make friends in school because I was too shy for my own good.

My fifth regret is not making closer bonds with the friends I did have at school. In high school, I had a few people to hang out with at school, but they never really asked me to hang out outside of school, which I always knew was my fault. All the times they did ask me to go places, and I said no, it was only a matter of time before they gave up on asking me.

Another regret I have is being shy. Now, I know being shy is something you can’t change, because I’m still shy to this day, but what I mean is that I wish I would have tried my hardest and maybe striked up some conversations with people. I never talked to people in my class if they didn’t talk to me first. I regret not going out of my comfort zone and try to make friends on my own.

My seventh regret is not asking for help. In class, if you were having trouble with something, you would ask your teacher for help, right? Yeah, that was something I never did. There goes my shyness again. Math was my biggest problem for this. No matter how stuck I was on a question, and no matter how easy it would be for me to just put my hand up and ask for help, I never did. I guess I was always afraid that I would seem “stupid”.

I regret not going outside more. I was always inside my house, in my room, on my computer. I guess this sort of ties in with my regret of not having closer bonds with my friends. If I had my time back, I would definitely say yes a lot more when my friends asked me to hang out with them. Maybe then I wouldn’t have been alone at lunch so much if I had.

I regret not realizing how fast time goes. In high school, I always thought three years was so far away and would take so long to get through, but really, those three years went faster than I could blink. In all three years of high school, every year whenever my grades would go down, I would always think, “Oh, well I still have the rest of the year to bring them back up,” but, suddenly it would be the end of the year and my grades would still be as low as they were in the beginning, if not even lower.

Last but not least, I regret caring what people thought of me. I shouldn’t have been so worried about what people were saying about me, if they were saying anything at all. I shouldn’t have been so worried about a guy because I wanted him to notice me. What ever people thought or said about me, I shouldn’t have cared, because what they thought about me didn’t ever matter. It only mattered what I thought of myself.

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