10 Fashion Tips That Women Wished You Knew

Fashion Tips
Style can be important to some people.

It is technically the first signal women pick up from you before you even get to say anything.

It’s a signal telling her if you “get it”.

If you’re with the modern times.

All sorts of things!

Women pick up a thousand different things just by looking at what you’re wearing.

I’m here to give you 10 tips that will set you straight if you’re not that familiar with style.

When you get better at dressing well you make yourself stand out better than you normally would. Style is not everything, but every little bit helps when you’re not confident around the opposite sex.

Tip #1

You should dress simple. When you feel like you’re getting too complicated with what you’re wearing you should probably tone it down a bit. Everything from mens accessory to the shirt you’re wearing. Simple never hurt anyone.

Tip #2

Wearing brand name speaks a lot. Yeah I get it, it’s the same stuff except a logo with unreasonable prices. True, but that change can be the difference between looking run down and “in”. Trust me, get yourself a few name brand t-shirts for the summer. You’ll be looked at in a positive light.

Tip #3

A watch adds style and character. Wear one. Find a design that fits your wrist and wear it often when going out with others.

Tip #4

Fitted Clothing. Today, fitted clothes are trending. 10 years ago everyone walked around in baggy clothes. Now more people are into the sophisticated, tailored type look.

Tip #5

Don’t try too hard to act trendy. People can tell when you’re mimicking what you see on TV and it’s not really you.

Tip #6

Feel free to color it up in the summer time. Different colored shirts are nice and look good in the bright summer day.

Tip #7

If you had the same hair style as you did 5 years ago it’s time to change it. Find a good hair style that suits you and use it. A little bit of change looks good. It doesn’t have to be too radical. Tip your barber a few extra bucks if they did a good job cutting your hair, they’ll take care of you in the long run.

Tip #8

Wear good cologne. It’s a great feeling when a woman tells you that you smell great and she loves your cologne. Women are very particular about scent so ask around and find out what’s preferred. One or two squirts of cologne is good. Don’t soak yourself in it.

Tip #9

Stay groomed at all times. It’s okay to have days when you let go. But make those days rare. Having facial hair is ok but there needs to be a method behind it. Letting it grow like weed grass is bad for style.

Tip #10

Don’t obsess TOO MUCH on style. You’re a guy, you have to do less things to keep your up with appearance compared to woman.

And of course it’s always a good idea to have a few female friends to tell you what they like and don’t like. After all, a woman’s opinion matters.

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