20 Ways Women Trick You Into Spending Money

Photo by stockimages FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by stockimages FreeDigitalPhotos

That’s right.

They’re so good at it they might as well host a “How To Trick A Shy Man Into Spending Money” seminar.

Now, I’m not talking about every woman. I’m talking about that particular woman who is extra bit meaner, who has that extra bit of guys chasing her and who leads you on making you feel like you’re just about there to win her affection.

Yup. THAT Woman.

You can probably think of a few women in your past who are like that.

But if you learn her secrets you can stop that deathly spiral of dinner and drinks which lead you nowhere.

Here they are:

#1 She starts listing her standards.

That moment when she realizes she has you and you’ve completely fallen for her. That’s when the list comes out on how to keep her happy. Often an expensive list…and you know you’re screwed.

#2 Unpredictable bursts of affection.

You can never tell when it’s coming or if it’s going to come again. You don’t know what made it happen, but you try figuring it out anyways thinking doing it more often will get her to like you.

#3 Gets you in a good mood, then makes her demand.

You know when things finally seem to be going right. You have a good conversation, she smiles at you while talking…and then tells you about that purse she wants. Of course the guy thinks “Crap, things are going well. I don’t wana ruin it now.”

#4 Talking in a way where she longs for what she wants.

Maybe she doesn’t use Trick#3. Instead she talks about what she wants in a longing voice that gets the guy to fantasize how happy he’d make her by getting it.

#5 Uses the “If someone can get me that I’ll love him forever” line.

Oh this one is a killer. This affirms what the guy is already thinking, except she actually said it.

#6 Attacks your sense of manhood.

By telling the guy (in a manipulative way) what a “real man” does to keep women happy.

#7 Talks about other guys in front of you.

Jealousy is extremely powerful. By talking favorably about other guys she creates a sense of competition that someone has to overcome.

#8 Ending every interaction with you not getting anywhere.

If she’s the in-demand HOT type of woman, the guy will go home each time thinking how things could’ve been better. Like a post-game assessment in sports, and try to please her more in different ways the next time he meets.

#9 Starting with small requests and going on to bigger ones.

Basically it’s commitment and consistency. Once you’ve done a small favor you’re likely to do the next one even if she wants a little more. We are habitual beings. Once you get someone in the habit of doing something they will continue doing it. If you gave into her demands it’ll be harder saying “no” the next time she asks.

#10 Starts eyeing other guys in front of you.

Another jealousy trick, this time the competition is right in front of you. It’s that subtle communication from her that says “You better do as I say, or else.”

#11 “I don’t think I can see you anymore.”

What happens when a girl says that? The guy starts showing up at her house with flowers, chocolate, takes her out for MORE dinners in hopes that she won’t leave.

#12 “What if I do this _____ for you?”

She will give you a kiss in exchange for something or she’ll hold your hands, let you take her on a date etc…

#13 Openly lowers your self-esteem so it feels like if you lose her attention you’ll never get any other woman’s attention EVER again.

#14 Gets her friends to pressure you.

Dealing with social pressure can be tough, especially if most of your friends are actually HER friends. It gets to a point where they get disapproving of you, make you out as an outcast for not “making her happy”.

#15 Threatens with telling her friends about you.

So she used trick #14 a few times, now all it takes is a mention or hint that she’ll be complaining to her friends and it does the job in getting what she wants.

#16 Talks about the things her Ex-boyfriend did for her.

Photo by Witthaya Phonsawat Freedigitalphotos
Photo by Witthaya Phonsawat Freedigitalphotos

Showing you that you’ll never measure up and if you can’t top what her ex did then why should she give you a chance?

#17 Random acts of kindness making you feel there is something.

After all that, she still does something nice once in a blue moon. Maybe gets you a scarf, brings you doughnuts. Just enough to justify to yourself that something special is happening between you two.

#18 Pretends to be a damsel in distress.

The type who is in need of financial help…except when you talk to other guys you find out she’s always doing it to them. She uses her allure to get guys into “helping” her. Frankly if a grown woman can’t take care of herself it’s not your problem. You’re not her daddy.

#19 She remembers a long list of all the things she did for you in her mind.

If there is ever an argument she brings up a list of all stuff she did for you – no matter how menial. And blows it out of proportion no matter how unfair it is.

And lastly:

#20 Goes along with your plans and ideas…then starts changing it last minute to fit her needs.

Let’s say she’s just a friend. Let’s say you and your buddies made plans to see a movie and you invite her and her girlfriends. Then last minute the girls change plans to a place closer to them, and you guys reluctantly go along with it driving to the other side of town…because you don’t want to lose their approval.

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