24K Gold On Your Matcha Soft Serve – Matcha Markham

If you haven’t tried the soft serve from Matcha Markham you might be a little confused about the title.

Is it really 24K Gold?


That’s real gold foil wrapped on top of your choice of flavored soft serve!

A few weeks ago we had the chance to try new and also traditional flavors at this cozy location in Markham.

Matcha Tea and Dessert Markham is located at 505 Hwy 7 #15, Thornhill, ON L3T 7T1 near the 404 and Hwy 7.

They’re known to introduce unique and also cool ideas when it comes to their desserts. They also serve bubble tea.

A lot of people wonder what the gold tastes like, and are you supposed to be able to eat it?

To be honest, gold does not have flavor. It’s there for aesthetics giving it a really cool look. Just like various alcohol products with their gold flakes. It also does not react with your body and just passes through.

So then how was the soft serve you ask?


We had the chance to try traditional Matcha and their new White Rabbit flavor. When it comes to matcha they definitely do it right. I’ve noticed in many matcha soft serves the taste becomes diluted and doesn’t retain a lot of flavor. At Matcha Markham however you get that distinct flavor throughout the ice cream. I also love the black cones they are served in, gives it a nice and elegant contrast to the shiny gold on top.

The second flavor was White Rabbit. Personally I haven’t had the original white rabbit candy that many talk about, but according to my tasters it’s very nice! A selection of other flavors to chose from include: Horlicks, Ovaltine and many others.

If you’re in the area I recommend checking this place out.

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