4 Unusual And Unique Places to Visit in London

Whether you are going to visit London for the first time or you are curious about touring places off the beaten track, then here is a small guide that contains some of the underrated landmarks worth visiting in London.

1 Free Harry Potter Tour

Everybody knows the wizard boy who impressed us by his bravery and kindness. These legendary series of books were written in London. J.K. Rowling has spent a lot of time within the London streets, creating the magic school and other locations we like so much. Within the Harry Potter Free Tour, you can visit many attractions related to Harry Potter.

For Harry Potter fans or those who just saw some of the movies, this free tour offers a deep immersion into the author’s memories and inspirations. During only one but an enchanting hour, you can visit the most famous places from the franchise, such as:

  • Ministry of magic
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Diagon Alley
  • Leadenhall Market
  • Craven street
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Telephone booth

You will enjoy exploring all these magical places scattered through the London city with an experienced guide, who is at the same time a big fan of the Harry Potter universe. And the best part is that the tour is completely free!

2 Gallery-Museum of Clowns

The museum of clowns is a unique place in London that is run by, you guessed it, clowns. Instead of general museum guides, you will be accompanied by funny guys with red noses who have worked in the clowning business for decades. This bizarre place contains everything from clowns’ red noses, funny costumes, and hats to the equipment they use in a circus. If you want to try yourself in a clown’s role, then you are welcome to try put yourself in their clumsy shoes!

Note that this museum is open only 12 times per year — on the first Friday of every month. Bear in mind that there is usually a big queue in front of it, so you should think about purchasing tickets online in advance. The museum is fun and suitable for both individual and family visits.

3 House of Dreams

One more unique museum is run by a local mosaic artist Stephen Wright, an activist who has decorated the exteriors of Blue Mountain Café. He is keen on collecting things the majority of people consider trash. With Stephen’s imagination and creativity, he can transform anything into a piece of art. His original idea is establishing a museum of exhibits he created on his own from scrap. Once you enter it, you can discover all sorts of forgotten and thrown away objects from old Christmas cookies to religious sculptures from Taiwan and Egypt.

Stephen lives in the same building where the museum is located and frequently organises guided tours through his exhibition. However, it’s opening hours are not comfortable for non-UK visitors. The museum is open on particular dates within the year — July 25th, August 29th, and September 26th. So if you plan to visit it, you should better book your tickets in advance.

As you can see, the most unusual museums in London are open on the working days. Thus, it might not be convenient to combine your trip and regular activities. To enjoy your trip and visit all the sightseeing, we recommend taking care of your schedule beforehand. Ask your boss if you can have a holiday if you are a full-time worker. As a student, you can ask custom writing essay agencies to write your assignment for you. Thus, you can save time without compromising on your study results.

4 Bingo Palace

If you are tired of museums and architecture, why not entertain yourself by playing an interactive Bingo game? London is famous for its immense Bingo Palace, a place where you can enjoy playing with the best players in London just near the city centre!

With more than 2000 available seats, the palace is one of the largest bingo clubs in the world. If you think you are a good player, you can spend a Friday or Saturday night there testing that. However, you should be careful not to develop bingo dependency and play it all night long!

Make sure you took care of registration ahead of time. To take part in the competition, you should register on the Bingo Palace website and apply for the membership of bingo players club. The price varies from 4 to 15 pounds depending on the time you wish to spend there. Also, you should check the tournament schedule early because it may be subject to change. For more information on costs and membership options, you can contact the administration of the palace.

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