6 Super Foods That Detox Your System Naturally

As stress and pollution become rampant in the modern lifestyle, there is a need to purge your body from time to time. Following a periodic detoxification routine is the best way to get rid of the deep-seated toxins from the body and stay in good health. Typically, a detox plan relies on food, while you can top it up with supplements and exercise to get quick and sustainable results. While the right kind of foods promotes toxin elimination through urine and bowel, exercise removes it through sweat.

There are some foods that are capable of clearing the harmful toxins from your body naturally. They cleanse the intestines, kidneys and liver and restore the health of these vital organs. You can stick to these foods as a part of the periodic detox plans you choose to follow, but adding them to your daily diet can be of great help. Here is a list of detox-friendly foods that you must know about.

Leafy greens

Amazingly, leafy greens are highly effective for eliminating toxins from the body. This is because they are high in antioxidants that are capable of flushing out the toxins and countering the negative effect of free radicals. Additionally, the fact that they are loaded with nutrients makes them superb health foods. The best ones you can rely on include kale, dandelion greens, watercress, spinach and wheatgrass. Just juice them up or consume them as salads on daily basis and get your digestive system cleansed up.

Lemons, oranges and limes

Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and limes are great for toxin removal and stimulate the digestive enzymes as well. They are high in phytochemicals that clear out fats and toxic substances. Lemon juice promotes the cleansing of the liver and kidneys. A glass of warm water with a dash of lemon juice every morning is recommended as a natural detox remedy. The drink acts as a diuretic and accelerates the removal of toxic load via urination.


This article from fahv.com highlights the importance of detoxification to stay in good health and great shape. It is best done naturally with right diet and herbal remedies. Beetroot is a food that is revered for its natural detox action. Beets act as natural blood cleansers and are high in nitric acid which increases the blood flow in the body. They are also loaded with potent substances like betalains, phenolic acids, carotenes and vitamin E. Betalains are antioxidants which repair and rejuvenate the liver cells.


Next on this list comes garlic, the herb that is revered for its proven medicinal benefits. It activates the liver to produce powerful detoxifying enzymes that clear away the toxic substances from the digestive tract. It is enriched with several different antifungal, antiviral, antibiotic and antiparasitic agents. Not only does it makes your food more flavorful but is also easy to consume raw as well. Just take a clove or two with warm water every morning and experience its amazing health benefits!


If you are looking for a delicious food that gives detoxification benefits as well, include apples in your daily diet. Apples are high in pectin, a soluble fiber that removes toxins and cholesterol from the blood and leaves it purified. They also contain malic acid which acts as a cleansing nutrient that effectively clears out the toxins and carcinogens from the body. This fruit is perhaps the best addition to your diet as it is easily available and delicious enough to be consumed every day.

Nuts and seeds

In addition to being delicious, filling and easy to digest, nuts and seeds are great for detoxification too. Pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, almonds and walnuts are some of the seeds and nuts that are capable of eliminating toxins from your body. Make it a habit to consume a fistful of these crunchy and healthy super foods every day. You can also grind them to a powdered form and mix them in smoothies or breakfast cereals.

Besides consuming these detox foods regularly, make sure that you drink plenty of water because it plays a key role in the detox process. Water promotes the digestive function and clears out excessive chemicals and toxins from the body by urination. It also keeps your bowel regular and optimizes the digestive functioning. Besides increasing your water intake, avoid processed foods and focus on natural ones like raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Also, make sure that you eat organic foods that are not treated with harmful chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers.

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