7 Warning Signs That You Should Avoid Chasing That Girl

We’ve all chased that girl in our life that caused problems for us.

From heartaches.

To Ex-boyfriend issues.

To simply getting walked over.

By the time the relationship or interaction is over you feel exhausted and emotionally drained because you tried so hard yet it didn’t work out.

Frankly overworking yourself in a relationship usually means it’s not the right one to be in. And believe me there are women out there who exploit men who overwork themselves in keeping relationships going.

Some of them are called Gold Diggers but others are not as upfront and it isn’t as easy to spot them.

There are warnings sings to look out for that if you take notice will help save you months in figuring out whether it’s the right girl for you. When you notice these signs it’s better to just keep them as friends and nothing more.

Here they are:

Photo by Megan Brooke FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by Megan Brooke FreeDigitalPhotos

Warning Sign #1

She asks for favors the first day you meet (and it could be just a casual meet up with friends). Once she gets that favor she immediately disconnects from you. Unfortunately this sudden disconnect gets a lot of guys to chase her more.

Sign #2

She leads you on with “you’re so cute”. When you say no to her request she suddenly showers you with affection. She banks on the idea that you think more with your penis than you do with your head. We all know that’s a bad idea.

Sign #3

Unappreciative of the things you do for her. If she seems like she’s always upset and never satisfied and you keep on trying to make her happier then you’re probably in the wrong relationship.

Sign #4

She has friends with morals that you strongly disagree with. There is a saying that you are the people you hang out with. If the people she hangs out with make you uncomfortable then you’ll have an impossible battle in convincing her to change. That’s just the way it is.

Sign #5

Whenever something goes wrong she blames everything else except herself. There are some people who just can’t stand being wrong, so they have to put blame on others and external situations. A woman of power is someone who can own up to her responsibilities and mistakes. That’s also the type of woman whom you can have healthier relationships with.

Sign #6

She’s a negative person and always talks negative about others. When a person only sees the bad in people it’s likely she’s actually projecting herself outwardly. You know what they say, perception is projection. Meaning what you perceive in others are likely your own qualities.

Sign #7

She bails on you when you’re caught in a troubling situation. Yep. There are people like that. They are around when everything is fine but once you’re in a position where you need help she’s almost always busy or suddenly has to leave.

Watch out for these signs next time you meet a woman.

If you catch more than two or three qualities in her that’s not desirable you should keep at arm’s length.

Save yourself the trouble and find someone better.

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