A World Of People In A Rush

Photo by a454 FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by a454 FreeDigitalPhotos

Today in our society it would seem we are all in some kind of rush. Be that if it’s on your way to work or if it’s returning home after a long day. Not everyone wants to spend an extra amount of time in the outer world than what they have too.

I’m no exception to that ‘rush’ either. When I go out to buy food, run errands or anything of the sort all I want to do is go back home as soon as possible. My question here is why do I feel that way and why do others seem to feel the same way?

After spending a good amount of time thinking and researching, I’ve noticed a familiar trend. Most people’s livelihood revolve around the stuff they have in their home, aka the internet and TV. Watching TV is the best way to relax and when at home you can wear anything, eat anything and even sit and lay down however you want. This is a very appealing past time, especially to anyone who just worked a seven hour day.

TV isn’t the only escape either then comes the internet. Do you need an easy social setting right from your home? Well internet can provide it. Do you need to learn or explore new things? The internet can give you that too. Our world is vast and amazing place but people no longer need to go outside to see all of it. If you wanted to see something beautiful you could just Google ‘pretty flower with butterfly’ and you would get over a 1000 hits on pictures that seem too good to be true.

Now also think about our homes and how much time and money we have put into them, we’ve decorated, designed and paid for the luxuries that interest us. With such an optimally customized home why would we want to go anywhere else?

In conclusion, our homes are the perfect getaway from work or school. They implement communication, relaxation and the freedom to say or do whatever we want. So of course I’m going to be in rush to get home, and I’m sure many of you would be too. What you should consider before running home is that the world seen through your own individual eyes is the best world of all. Take a moment to talk to someone on the bus face to face or take a few seconds to watch the sunrise or sunset, because one thing the internet cannot provide is the warmth of the sun or cheer brought into your heart by others. Although your home is the perfect getaway, it won’t bring you the satisfaction of feeling and exploring the world personally.

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