Best Ways To Wear Men’s Jewelry

Men have always wondered how they can wear jewelry to enhance their personality. Many men already own pieces of jewelry but they do not know how to style them, while there are many who have no idea where to start from. As against olden days, men’s jewelry is considered to be stylish and fashionable now. A lot of men prefer to wear jewelry regularly and they do manage to carry it with style and elegance. Jewelry is no longer only meant for women, it is a form of expressing yourself through manly jewelry pieces. Men’s jewelry is an important element of his attire and if he ends up wearing too much, it could look artificial or pretentious but if worn in the right manner, it will enhance the quality of his look and will make him look elegant and classy.

Some of the most common jewelry forms for men include watches, rings, tie bars and cufflinks. These are some of the most common jewelry pieces but they are also most often incorrectly worn. You need to remember that metal will always go with same metal. It basically means that any two metals you choose should be of the same make. For example, if you choose gold, platinum or silver, you need to pair it with gold, platinum or silver. Do not mix and match the metals. There is a traditional guideline where gold should be worn in the day and silver is worn in the night.


Cufflinks are expressive, functional and are a extremely essential for French cuffed shirts. No matter the style you choose, it is important to ensure that the cufflink is simple and appropriate for the occasion. There are many types of varieties you can find in cufflinks which is why discretion is must. You need to choose one depending on the occasion. It is always easy to opt for simple gold, silver, black or onyx ovals. However, you cannot wear gold dice which have diamonds at all occasions. You need to remember that a small accessory must not become a highlight of your attire and the people around you will take notice of the cufflinks and will also build an impression about you based on what style you are wearing. Hence, choose carefully and make a decision keeping the occasion in mind.

Styles of cufflinks

  1. Hinged back : This is a very common style of a cufflink. It has decoration on one side and hinged bar which will link up with the accessory so as to install to the shirt on the opposite side. It will hinge about ninety degrees in order to ensure that the cufflink remains where it is supposed to.
  2. Push through : The cufflink is very similar to the hinged back. It has one decorative side and the other side is a ball or a cap which will prevent the cufflink from slipping back into the hole inside the cuff.
  3. Snap on : This cufflink has two different pieces per cufflink or it has one piece which wraps around the cuff near the holes.
  4. Chain : As the name suggests, the cufflink will have a small chain in place of the bar. This chain will connect both the sides and there could be decorative side on one or both.
  5. Double sides : Basically a push through, or a snap cufflink with decoration on both its sides.


A lot has already been said and written about rings for men. The most important thing about wearing a ring is simplicity and choosing the right type of ring. When it comes to wedding rings, usually a simple band will do instead of a wearing a heavy, flashy ring. However, other rings should not really be so simple. You need to ensure that you can distinguish one from the other. You will be wearing the wedding ring everyday of your life and this is why it needs to be simple and basic. A classy ring will add charm to your look or you could pick a ring which has a personal meaning but does not show you as vain. You need to choose rings that go well with your personality and style. Every ring you wear will speak something about your personality, hence always be very careful. You can look for a ring that fits your style on NYC Frost.


No matter what you choose, a wrist watch or a pocket watch, a timepiece will never go out of style. It is a necessary accessory for businessmen and it should be of good quality. Your wristwatch should be one with high quality leather band or should be made of nice metal. Find a watch that is within your budget and is of top quality. There are a number of smartwatches available in the market but you need to have at least one stylish piece of wrist watch which is traditional and elegant. Pick a watch which expresses your individuality and your style in the best manner. Analog watches are much more formal as compared to digital watches and they are also very accurate. A digital watch might not be ideal for business settings. You can wear the digital watch with khakis and a smart jacket and loafers but not inside the boardroom. Inside the boardroom, you need to wear the elegant analog watch.  

Tie bars and chains

A tie bar is basically an accessory which holds down the necktie. It is a very simple line of silver or gold which meets the purpose and it is all about simplicity and class. You can use a tie tack for the lapel of the tie for functionality but do not put a hole inside the visible part of the tie. Another alternative is a tie chain which is considered to be highly formal. If you are using one, you need to ensure it is made of gold or silver chain to be useful.


A very common form of jewelry for men, chains are available in gold and silver. They are an ideal gifting option and can also be worn on a daily basis. However, you need to be very careful when buying a chain. Consider the length of the chain and the type and style of the chain you want to put on yourself. Wearing the right style of chain can add elegance to the outfit and will enhance your personality. Just ensure that the chain is neither too long nor too short. You need to pick the right length very carefully.

A nicely dressed man will set himself apart from the rest by styling his jewelry in the best possible manner. When you pair elegant pieces of jewelry with clothes like a custom suit, you will look smart, confident and very stylish. The trick is to choose pieces of jewelry that are perfect for your personality and those that are easy to carry off. You do not want jewelry to take all the attention from your personality and from your outfit. Hence, you need to ensure that the pieces of jewelry are noticeable and elegant but they should not bog you down. Most importantly, you need to have confidence when you wear any jewelry. If you can carry any jewelry with the right amount of confidence, you will be able to impress anyone. Set yourself apart from the crowd with stylish pieces of jewelry and custom made suits that fit well and are ideal for any occasion you might be headed to.

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