Confidence And Self-Esteem In Today’s Culture

Photo by Stuart Miles FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by Stuart Miles FreeDigitalPhotos

Confidence can be gathered from many sources. In competitions or in working situations, preparation can provide confidence. Individuals can gather more self-esteem by working hard and knowing they are ready. However, it’s harder to achieve an elevated state of assurance in yourself in general because of the modern world of advertising. With unfeasible perfection being portrayed on every platform, many people find themselves doing mental comparisons to unviable images of beauty.

Self-esteem is so easy to shatter, while being incredibly difficult to build up. It is fragile and malleable and not at all consistent. Humans in general can be observed practicing many vain ways to try to improve their confidence. Not isolated to any group, typical people in modern culture have felt the strains and pulls of aimless vanity.

As a girl, I have witnessed this first hand. Waxing, trimming, dying, covering, concealing, enhancing, you name it. I cannot count the number of times I have witnessed and participated in impractical applications of girls striving for the simultaneously perfect combination of skin, nails, hair and a great body. Being realistic is unfortunately not a common practice in most girls while vigorously attempting to match up to their favorite icons.

But there is hope.

Despite corporations producing commercial after commercial of ridiculously perfect people, there is hope. The world of fashion and cosmetics is slowly morphing into something more human and there are countless role models coming forward to help girls realize they are fine the way God made them. Industries where the primary demographic is males have not made these particular advances yet. Even despite the fact that the advertisement of the ‘ideal man,’ with a chiseled chin, full hair and a six pack, can be just as detrimental to young men trying to define masculinity and attractiveness for themselves.

There is hope though.

Laverne Cox, Jamie Brewer, Chantelle Brown-Young, Ashley Graham. All perfect examples of how the world of beauty is becoming more accepting of diversity in powerful women.

So while it is true that self-esteem is fragile and malleable and not at all consistent, it is possible. Not many people have an easy time acquiring confidence, but it is so crucial to try time and time again, no matter what the media or your peers throw in your face.

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