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“Try not to drool” is what I told myself as I walked into Chi Patisserie this week.

This gem of a place is conveniently located minutes north of Sheppard Station. This area is bustling with restaurants, cafes and other eateries; the bakery cafe stood out in a pleasant way with its unique menu.

There are eight desserts to choose from ranging in traditional flavors to a complete fusion of Asian European influences.

Patisserie is a type of French or Belgian bakery, the term is also used for the types of desserts served. The idea behind this bakery cafe is to introduce an Asian twist to the traditional French mouse cake.

There are so many patisseries and most places are too sweet…

Rocky, one of the owners mentioned there’s nothing special about patisseries since there are so many out there. He wanted a place that served unique but not too sweet desserts.


Chi Patisserie was born…

Yup I feel the same way Rocky; I can’t handle anything too sweet so I’m glad that I found this place.

But enough talk, you’re sitting there wanting to know about the actual desserts right?

So… let’s get started…

Caramel Coffee

caramel coffee chi patisserie

We’ll start with a traditional style patisserie – the Caramel Coffee. This is what you want if sweet and delicious without venturing too far into unique flavors is what you’re looking for. When you dig into the dessert the mouse gives away like a cloud and the fork is met with a crunchy base at the bottom. What I love about this dessert is it tastes almost like a Ferrero Rocher and Almond Roca chocolate.

Charcoal Cream Cheese

charcoal cheam cheese chi patisserie

Yep, you’re intrigued by the name, right? Not many people have tried anything charcoal flavored. The reality is charcoal itself doesn’t necessarily have a flavor unless you decide to combine it with something else. In this case when you take a bite out of this cake you’ll taste delicious cream cheese. At first impression we thought it’s layered by graham crackers, but in fact it’s sponge cake! Soft through and through. I recommend this if you want something on the lighter side.

Matcha Sesame

matcha sesame chi patisserie

Meet the Matcha Sesame, super unique, intriguing and you would enjoy this if you like matcha. It’s a matcha mouse exterior with grainy black sesame seeds as the interior. I love matcha in general, you’ll find the black sesame can overpower the taste of matcha if you take too much at once. I like having a big chunk of matcha with small amounts of sesame seeds on the spoon – it’s a great dessert.

Rice Wine

rice wine chi patisserie

The Rice Wine is another Chi Patisserie original creation. It has an almond raspberry sponge with a Rice Wine jelly and is on the sweeter side with fruity flavors. You’ll detect a pleasant whiff of wine right before the cake makes contact with your taste buds.

Fenchiew Mojito

Fenchiew Mojito Chi Patisserie

This is the last dessert that I’ll cover. The Fenchiew Mojito is pretty unique, we were told you will either love it or hate it – there is no in-between. As the name implies, it is definitely sour. In order to enjoy the cake you’re recommended to take a big scoop with the spoon to get to the mint crème anglaise (light custard used as dessert creme); otherwise you’ll just be taking a spoon full of lime mouse. If you enjoy sour you will like this.

Of course there are other delectable desserts like the Fresh Soy Cream which is a variation of the Charcoal Cream Cheese and the Oolong Peach which has the tea flavor combined with fruit taste.

Overall the place is great.

There is lots of seating for big groups or small tables for two. It’s a calm atmosphere with super friendly staff that are accommodating. By taking a look around we noticed from other customers there is no rush, you can sit with your dessert and take your time to enjoying it without feeling like you’ll be rushed out.

Chi Patisserie is located near the Yonge-Sheppard Station at:

5298 Yonge St,
North York, ON M2N 5R3

Operating hours are 7 Days a Week 12PM – 11PM

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for next time as we check out more unique places in the GTA.

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