Facebook – More Like Face Mask?

Photo by arztsamui FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by arztsamui FreeDigitalPhotos

Not sure if you remember when Facebook first came out…

First exclusively in Harvard…

Then to Stanford…

And then eventually people were able to privately invite just about anyone before the doors opened to all.

It was incredibly addictive. Like a drug for the mind.

Considering how shy I was Facebook immediately became my outlet. It’s where I became open to expressing myself to others. Engaged myself in dialogue which otherwise would never happen. It was an intimate sanctuary, a place where I only connected with friends that I talk to.

Do you remember how open people used to be on Facebook? Now it seems people are a bit more prim and careful.

It’s not a place where you can completely be yourself anymore.

Probably because it doesn’t feel private anymore.

There’s parents, uncles and not to mention the All Seeing creepy employer trying to add you. Try avoiding it but eventually it will get out. Maybe your co-worker/friend inadvertently mentions your profile in a conversation…

The first time my boss tried to add me I was unsearchable. That was a lucky one.

So for a lot of people Facebook is now another place to wear a social mask. A facade. We show an image of ourselves that we’d like others believing us to be.

I know what you might be thinking “Why put so much emphasis on the internet?”

To some of us the internet is a place to free ourselves (or was a place).

So what’s the use of Facebook these days?

The reason I’m on it is because it lets me keep in touch with my friends…like a dusty phone book…and essentially that’s what Facebook intends to become. A utility. I don’t go on my friend’s wall to post messages, or even write on my own wall. I just hit the like button on videos, share a few articles and that’s it.

To be honest I think a large number of people don’t write original posts on anyone’s wall. They mostly respond to a comment the owner of the account makes.

Statistics show that Facebook has been losing major popularity points among the young crowd. It’s true, do you go hanging around the same social places your parents do?

You can if you want, but most of us don’t.

But that’s what it is.

It went from a platform for users to connect to a platform optimized for business advertising.

So, looking forward to seeing the next FAD to sweep the internet world.

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