Falling In Love With Your Childhood Best Friend Can Be The Best Thing Ever

When I look back on how many years have gone by since the first day I met my boyfriend, I smile at how young we were.

We were both living in the same building and I remember going to the laundry room with my mom. That’s where it all began…

Our families have been friends since that moment. We continuously hung out and had mutual friends with whom we’d spend our summers with.

As we grew older, it was obvious that one of us would develop feelings for the other; but I never thought he would be the first.

We went to different high schools and socialized with completely different groups. I was the type of girl that spoke to everyone, but I had my small group of friends with whom I’d have lunch with – I was fairly quiet as well. He was popular and hung out with everyone.

When I turned sixteen, I went into a serious relationship – not knowing that he had feelings for me. I basically turned him down when he admitted them to me. We continued being good friends, though.

The years went by, and we both graduated high school and went into university. I was with someone new, and he met someone as well.

We both went through different moments in our lives, and when he and his girlfriend decided to take a break, I was also on the verge of taking one as well.

Photo by graur razvan ionut FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by graur razvan ionut FreeDigitalPhotos

He consoled me. He was there for me during all the most difficult moments of my life, and I had turned him down.

As time went by, I was no longer in a relationship and I had begun to see my friend in a different perspective. He was always super handsome and caring, but I was no longer seeing him as just that. I was slowly falling for him.

He always cared for me and it felt so good to finally realize how much he did. I trusted him completely with everything, and we knew about each others pasts so well; so it just made sense to begin a relationship.

We have been dating for about a year and ten months, and I have never felt so in love with someone my whole life.

When you get into a relationship with your best friend, you have the risk of losing that close friendship if it doesn’t work out, but I truly believe it’s a risk worth taking.

We smile and laugh a lot because, well, we started off as best friends. We already knew how to make each other happy and it’s the best feeling knowing that you can trust someone with your secrets.

Also, when you’ve known them for so long, you feel completely comfortable. I was in two serious relationships prior to the one I’m in now, and I can tell you that I only began feeling completely comfortable around hem after around six months, as opposed to with my boyfriend now; I was already comfortable with him, and I feel no shame.

It’s also come to the point where we know what the other is thinking or what we’re going to say. Creepy, but also cute! This is where everyone says ‘Aw’.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have arguments and sometimes we disagree with each other – just because we’ve known each other almost our whole lives doesn’t mean we know everything about each other. Like in every relationship, we learn new things about our significant other. We’re not perfect. Nobody is.

The best thing about knowing my boyfriend since we were kids is looking back at photos and videos. We laugh uncontrollably at the fact that we were so young and innocent; who knew that a friendship that lasted this long would turn into a great love? We can tell our children the greatest story of how we met!

I’m not one to brag, but when you’re dating your [used to be] childhood best friend, it’s the most amazing/satisfying feeling. Nostalgia kicks in and you’re reminded of the amazing moments you shared in the past, and the ones you’ll make for the future.

If you’ve known someone and are close to them the way I was with my boyfriend, then maybe you’ll start realizing that there might have been a little spark between you two all along. Just sayin’.

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