Feeling The Guilt After Your Breakup

Photo by Ambro FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by Ambro FreeDigitalPhotos

Getting your heart broken is by far one of the most emotionally painful experiences ever -especially when it’s unexpected and unexplained. Then you’re left with nothing but that heavy feeling in your chest. You constantly wonder what went wrong between you two, when you assumed that everything was perfectly normal – It couldn’t have been that small argument you had a few days ago, could it have been?

You’ve obviously made some sort of mistake to make this person breakup and leave, right? Wrong. That feeling of guilt always comes up in these moments because you wonder how this could have possibly happened.

At these occasions, you’re in such a state of shock and disbelief of what has happened that it’s assumed you’re the one at fault here – in reality, they’re truly the ones at fault for leaving us with no explanation.

How could you have been at fault when you’ve probably tried to work things out several times and they gave up just like that? It’s not easy to understand why someone leaves you, but it’s also not easy dealing with a broken heart and everything else that comes along with it.

That guilt that you’ve been feeling needs to stop right this instant. You can’t blame yourself for someone leaving you. Guess what? Sometimes the person who leaves, leaves with no regrets at all – yup – they’re not even sad or sorry about it.

That’s the other thing; if you two just broke up and he or she is posting photos of themselves at a party while you’re at home moping around (feeling completely guilty for something you most likely didn’t do, by the way), then they obviously don’t seem too worried about your feelings.

So, keep your chin up and as hard as it may be you have to get over it. Go out with your friends, travel, dance or do anything you can to get over him/her. I know it’s much easier said than done, but it’s something we all have to do to cope with that person leaving you without any sort of remorse. They’ve gotten over you rather quickly, haven’t they?

It’s absolutely unfair for you to be suffering while they’re having the time of their lives. Be grateful for everything else you have, and forget about what you don’t have. Guilt is just not in your list of things to have right now.

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