Greek Dating: Tips When Dating a Greek

Humans just love to interact with other people. We just can’t help it as it is embedded in our instincts. We try to make conversations, create new connections and interactions that would shape our day or the rest of our lives. Craving this kind of need for other people is normal; after all, humans can never live alone without other people. Even people who were stranded alone at a remote location had to make their own friends in order not to die of depression. This warmth and intimacy from another person reminds us that we are not alone and we can handle anything life throws at us as long as we are together.

This is also the reason we look for a significant person in our lives. That someone would make us feel better and accompany us as we grow older and better as a person. He or she may not be perfect, because this person seems to complete us. The hardest part of having a relationship like this is the process of finding one. Even if we are already concentrated on the urban cities, it seems that there are many people who are still struggling with finding their other halves. It can be quite frustrating when you know someone is there for you and yet you still look for that perfect match.

It is not an unreasonable thing either as we have our dating preferences. We tend to look for the aspects of a person that would appeal and compliment us in a way. This person should also be a positive influence on the other person as they live together in relative harmony. There might be some challenges along the way but a real couple knows how to work around with that. No relationship is perfect, but you can strive to be perfect together. In a way, this is part of growing up as a couple: when you realize that you are now a team of two and more to come. Read more about this here:

However, most of us would see the façade of a person first. This is undeniable as we notice the physical aspects of the other person first before really knowing them. We look at their eyes, their hair and their built. Do you like what you see or are you looking for something else? There are also other people who are attracted to certain nationalities or general looks. You might be looking for someone Caucasian, Black or Asian. Considered as one of the most attractive lineage in the world, the Mediterranean people have produced some of the hottest men and women of the world. Who could even beat the Greeks, for example?

We all love Greek men and women, from their exotic accent to their sun kissed yet pale looks. There is a reason why the Greeks were also one of the most formidable nations of the world. With their knowledge of geography and seafaring, they have tried to explore and learn more about the world. There are also many stories involving Greece, and some of them are so common people can recognize the gods very easily. Stories, poems and myths are also very prevalent during the time of the ancient Greeks and many works are still popular today.

There is one myth from Greece that explains the origins of humankind specifically men and women. Once they were only one creature, but they were very powerful and claimed the earth. The gods, who were starting to get worried about their power, wanted to destroy them. Zeus, on the other hand, proposed a different solution: Cut them in half to lessen their powers. Astounding, don’t you think?

Now, people are looking for their other half to bring the power back to humans. This is the Greek concept of soulmates and if you are looking for your own, you can get more information here.

If you are dating or planning to date a Greek guy or girl right now, here are a few tips:

  • The Abundance Of Food Will Destroy Your Diet

If you are a health nut or trying to lose some weight, then prepare to give all that up if you have a Greek boy or girlfriend. They will prepare a feast for you and bring you to the best Greek places that are not in the mainstream.

Many Greeks complain that “Greek” restaurants oversees are not as good as the ones at home. They prove this to you by stuffing you with fresh fish, tzatziki, taramasalata and all the olives that you can handle. They also have the best feta in the world, according to everybody. Lamb is also very abundant in Greece as it is one of the main meats served. Once you leave, you will feel that your jeans are just a bit too tight. It is not worry though, as Greek culture finds that attractive.

  • Prepare For Big Families And Their Rambunctious Dealings With Each Other

If you have seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding or Mamma Mia, some of that isn’t an exaggeration at all. Not the singing of course, but most Greek gatherings are loud and proud. In fact, dinners are not complete without someone shouting at the other right at the dinner table. If you do not understand any word they say even if it is in English, it’s actually fine.  Just take note of the tone of their voice and facial expressions, it’s a dead giveaway. Also, don’t be alarmed by all the slapping; as long as it is not on the face, it’s actually a friendly gesture.

  • Greeks Are Proud Of Their Culture And You Should Respect That

With such a well-known country in the world, the Greeks are pretty much in love with their own culture along with all of its flaws. You would be hard pressed to find a Greek who grew up in his or her own native land to not want to return there. It is their home, but there is just something different about the way Greeks defer to their country. Whenever there is a vacation or trip planned, the Greeks would just want to go back to their country and enjoy their culture like they never left.

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