Having Higher Self-Esteem

having higher self esteem
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A lot of the low self-esteem that people have are from their childhood experiences. It can come from the way your parents treated you when you were young, any bullying if you have ever experienced it, and even the media.

Self-esteem is something that everybody has, whether it be high or low, but low self-esteem can cause an increase in your chances of depression, cause loneliness, anxiety, and problems in your relationships with family and friends. Self-esteem is not only looking at yourself in a negative way, but also seeing the things and people in your life in a negative way.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try something, but you automatically think you’re not good enough, or other people aren’t going to think you’re good enough, without even giving it a shot.

While you might think that low self-esteem is something you will have to live with forever, it’s not. It’ll take a lot of your time and patience with it, but I’m here to show you a couple ways on how you can have higher self-esteem and how to begin to look at yourself in a positive way.

Okay, so let’s say you’ve always wanted to try out for your school’s volleyball team. You’ve seen your school’s team play, you’ve seen how good the players are, but you begin to think you could never be as good as them, that the team wouldn’t be gaining anything special if you joined it.

There’s where you’re wrong.

You will never know if you’re good enough for that team because you never tried, you never took a chance. Are there ways to fix it? Yes. Is it going to be easy? Maybe not.

One way in taking a step towards having higher self-esteem is to change what that voice inside your head is saying that you can’t. When you catch yourself having bad thoughts, change them and say something positive about yourself. Maybe you think you won’t get that job that you really want. Instead, tell yourself that you’re a reliable person that could rock that job.

Ask for help or opinions from others. Maybe a lot of your self-esteem comes from school and something you’re having trouble understanding, so ask a friend or a teacher for help. Maybe you could ask your family or friends what traits they like about you.

You can’t be perfect–no one can–so don’t expect perfection from yourself. Know that everyone makes mistakes, and once you are able to accept the fact that you will make mistakes, you can learn from them. Tell yourself positive things, have others tell you positive things! It’s all one step closer to you being able to have a healthy self-esteem, and every bit counts.

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