How a Singapore Work Visa Might Affect Your Family Members

Singapore is known for excellent business performance, and this attracts investors and people looking for work from all corners of the world. Their families too, mostly a spouse and kids, might need to join them if they have decided to become expatriates in Singapore. According to government data, there are thousands of foreign workers and business investors in Singapore operating under the Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass, and EntrePass.

When it comes to the dependants of the foreign workers, they live, study, and even work in the state once they get either a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) or Dependant’s Pass (DP). We will look at how the work visa that a foreigner holds determines what permit their family members can obtain to stay in Singapore.

Dependants of EP and S Pass and PEP Holders

If you have been working in Singapore under any of the above work permits and your company is sponsoring you, you can bring your immediate family members to live with you in Singapore. However, they will need to meet some requirements before they can apply for a Dependant’s Pass. These are the family members who qualify for this pass.

  •       A spouse with proof of legal marriage
  •       Children who are below 21 years of age and are still not married

The immigration authorities will ask for some documents to show proof of birth for children and proof of legal marriage between you and your spouse. Many people fail to get permits because they cannot prove these statuses. But the good thing is that experienced One Visa Singapore experts and others will guide you on this until you acquire the right permits for your loved ones.

Also, you can note that other family members like your parents and immediate family members who do not qualify for the DPs may apply for the LTVP, which is more lenient.

Dependants of EntrePass Holders

If you have opened a business in Singapore and feel that this is the place to settle, your immediate family members can join you through the DP and the LTVP. However, the qualifications are slightly higher. The Singapore immigration website offers detailed requirements for the total annual spending of the company, the number of employees it must have, and any other requirements before they will allow your family members to apply either for DP or the LTVP.

DP and LTVP Benefits for Your Family Members

Well, as soon as your spouse, children, or parents are admitted into Singapore under these passes, they will start to enjoy both the short- and long-term benefits. Kids can enroll in schools, both public and private, to continue with their education.

Additionally, they will enjoy medical coverage just like you and other people on the island state. However, you should check up to what extent they are covered. Lastly, your spouse can work in Singapore under an appropriate work permit depending on her or his qualifications. The period over which the pass is valid will be the same as yours.


With all these in place, you can tell that Singapore is a flexible state that welcomes a foreign workforce and their family members. Therefore, there is nothing to fear when you have an employment opportunity in this country.

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