How To Be More Outgoing In 3 Easy Steps

Photo by podpad FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by podpad FreeDigitalPhotos

How to be more outgoing has a lot to do with your environment. You’ll find that if you’re shy and socially awkward you’ll quite often be in environments that are probably low-key and something you’re familiar with. It can get very uncomfortable when you throw yourself into places like clubs and parties where you don’t know how to fit in. And quite often you’ll find very outgoing people hanging around in these places.

If you learn how to be more outgoing it feels like an open ticket to just about any social environment, it’s incredibly easy to fit in afterwards. The reason you’re not comfortable in the party and club scene is because you probably stay away from it.

It’s a matter of getting familiar in that environment.

So your job is to surround yourself in these places whenever you can. You’ll see it’s easier to orient yourself as you go out more and more and confidence is built because it doesn’t feel foreign anymore.

Yeah I get it, it’s daunting and intimidating just going through this process but remember the key on how to be more outgoing is FAMILIARITY.

Fortunately there are 3 steps that will make this process much easier for you.

Step 1
The first thing I want you to do is get yourself a wing-man or wing-girl. In the dating world a wing-man or wing-girl is someone who helps you out while you’re trying to talk to a person you like. It eases the interaction. But in this case the purpose of your wing-man/girl is to go to social events with you. He or she can be just as shy or introverted as you are.

Step 2
Go to social events with your wing-man/girl whether it’s parties, clubs or wherever. Make it a habit, so this time if you’re feeling intimidated or left out at parties you’re not alone.

Step 3
Start conversations together. Go up to people at social gatherings or parties and start a conversation. Just say something. When they respond to what you said your wing-man/girl will respond back. And let it roll into a natural group dynamic with a simple yet effective conversation technique.

You’ll find that how to be more outgoing is less daunting when you use these incredibly simple but effective steps. As you do it more often your confidence grows.

How do I know it works?

Good question.

One of the biggest mistake shy people make when out at events is #1 Not talk to anyone at all and #2 When they do get involved in a conversation they have nothing to say.

What this technique does is add a third person into the mix (your wing-man/girl). It immediately puts less pressure on you to say something; instead you both only need to speak when you have something to say.

From a mental stand point having less anxiety and stress frees up your thoughts to say something interesting and cool so other people like you better. When other people start liking you the doors open to having a second and third interaction with them in the future.

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