How to Maintain Friendships in the Summer

Ah, yes. Summer. The perfect season for those comfort-seeking, freedom-loving individuals. With its clear skies, warm temperatures, and liberating opportunities, summer truly is an exciting period of time, one that is often highly anticipated throughout the year. Not only do students crave the relaxation of those homework-free months, but many people also see this season as the ideal time for stimulating trips and relaxing vacations, the best chance to get away from stressful workloads. When summer rolls around, everyone suddenly seems to have their own plans, which can definitely make it difficult to keep in touch with all the people you’ve grown used to constantly seeing. Here are several tips to help maintain relationships with your friends and peers during the height of the summer holidays!


Take advantage of social media.

With the technology-dominated environment we live in, this is likely the most typical way to keep in touch nowadays. Most people have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Snapchat, you name it. These applications make communicating with contacts easy, fast, and totally pain-free. It takes nothing to send your friends a Facebook message or to check in with them via texts. This generation’s lucky enough to have all these doorways available with just a tap of the finger, and these opportunities should be put to good use. Taking advantage of the world’s ever-growing social media outlets for the sake of retaining friendships seems to be among the better uses for technology.


Image by foto76 FreeDigitalPhotos
Image by foto76 FreeDigitalPhotos

Mail postcards

It’s true that this isn’t exactly the most common form of communications nowadays. In fact, it has become increasingly uncommon for people to send old-fashioned postcards. Some people may even find it kind of lame, but it’s surprising how much sentimentality a handwritten note alongside an exotic photograph can hold. Postcards are a great way to add an authentic touch to your messages while maximizing sincerity. After all, your friends will know that you genuinely thought about them during your holidays and even took the time to handpick the perfect little memento. Who wouldn’t love a card from the gift shops of Disneyland or the streets of Paris?


Send gifts or souvenirs

This is a lovely way to display your thoughtfulness, whether you’re a travelholic who loves to explore different cultures or a stay-at-home kind of person who enjoys the comfort of familiarity. No matter what you’re doing this summer, it’s always nice to get something personal for people you care about, and they don’t necessarily have to be extravagant purchases, either. If you’re on a trip, it’s easy enough to visit the nearest souvenir stand for a cute knick-knack that will exemplify the beauty of your vacation, something that will allow you to share a piece of your holidays with your friends. (Bonus: pair it with a postcard if you also choose to go with the previous recommendation). On the other hand, homemade gifts are just as special. In fact, a lot of the most meaningful gifts are not store bought. There’s a huge variety of possible options ranging from seashells on the beach to cute handcrafted jewellery. Pick something that carries a heartfelt message, something that can silently shout “you’ve been on my mind!”


Write Letters

Okay, this is admittedly a slower and more time-consuming approach than most other means of communication. Going through the full process of composing, stamping, and actually mailing a letter may seem awfully unnecessary in this time and age, but it definitely all pays off. Although letters aren’t exactly the norm anymore, their rarity only makes them all the more special and is bound to earn your friends’ appreciation. What better way to show people you care than stepping beyond modern standards? Not to mention, getting a response back in the mail is always a heart-warming experience. Constructing letters is truly the longer but more meaningful road, proving just how much love an envelope can contain.


Make phone calls

No matter how busy you or others may be, you can usually afford to spare a few minutes to pick up the phone. It’s easy, effortless, and offers a great feeling of intimacy. When you can’t physically be there to interact in person, phone calls are always a lovely way to catch up with one another, share the latest news, and exchange stories of what you’ve all been up to. There’s something significant about hearing each other’s voices, a sensation that solidifies emotional closeness, which is extra special if you’re simultaneously on opposite sides of the world. It’s important to remind your friends that they still mean something to you even when you’re not seeing them every day. Trust me, the conversations you engage in with your loved ones are definitely worth the monthly phone bill.


Plan hangouts together

It’s true that many people may have their own plans during the summer, making them rather hard to reach at times. That’s where phone calls and video calls come in handy. However, you should also take the chance to meet up once in a while if such opportunities happen to arise. If your friends live just down the street from you, then that’s awesome! Make the effort to hang out, and the activities you participate in don’t have to be very elaborate. Even simple things like getting a round of ice cream or taking a stroll in the park can be fun. On the other hand, if you have friends that are constantly on the go or don’t live nearby, try to fit in an occasional get-together whenever you can. Your colleague’s back in town for a few days before heading off on another summer trip? Take advantage of the time you have together! Your best friend’s taking a break from their strenuous work schedule? Use those days to plan an outing or two! Again, the hangouts don’t have to be huge arrangements, as long as they bring people together and rekindle that feeling of connectedness between friends. You’re bound to feel rejuvenated after seeing your peers in person again.

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