How To Stop Drinking In 2019

How To Stop Drinking In 2019

Are you ready to quit drinking? If you are tired of all the negative effects and the impact alcohol has on you, then it’s time to overcome alcoholism, avoid alcohol withdrawal and get your life back on track one more time.

The New Year is around the corner and if you are looking to have a sober 2019, you will need to start making steps towards overcoming alcohol addiction today.

Looking for practical tips to stop drinking in 2019? The following techniques will help you on your journey.

Make Your Intentions Known

Start by telling your family and friends of your intention to stop drinking. You should also explain your reasons why you are trying to quit. If you are looking to get healthy, save money or build your relationships, let them know so that they understand why you have cut down on going to the pub or why you no longer accept invitations to go partying. They will also support you more if they know you are trying to quit and your success story can also help someone else cut down on their drinking.

Establish A Goal

You will need to establish a specific, realistic and clear goal for 2019. Put everything in writing and start preparing your body for the change. You should also set a limit on how many drinks you will have as you work your way to stopping drinking completely. Plan to have alcohol free days. Abstaining for a week or two will help you see how you can cope without alcohol in your life. A break is also a good start to drinking less.  

Stay Away From Temptation

Get rid of everything that tempts you to drink alcohol. This means that you will need to distance yourself from some of your friends especially the ones who do not support your efforts to quit drinking. Throw away all the alcohol in your house or office and replace them with water or a healthy drink.

Recognize the triggers that make you crave for the bottle. Negative emotions such as fear, frustration or anxiety are some of the known triggers that can set off the urge to drink. In order to counter the urge to drink, cultivate a new and healthy way to cope with your stressful situation.


Get involved in physical activity as a way to reduce the risk of getting into self-destructive behaviors. Physical exercise can also restore brain cells that have been damaged due to prolonged alcohol use.

Exercise also promotes better sleep and this goes a long way in reducing anxiety and stress. Start slowly and gradually stick to an exercise routine. Walking is a great exercise as you can do in anywhere and it’s free.

Build Support Networks

In 2019, surround yourself with people who influence you positively and help you build your self-esteem and confidence. A healthy social network is very important especially during the first months of recovery.

Online platforms such as the Stop Drinking Expert will provide you with excellent resources to help you stop drinking and what more? You will hear other people’s experiences and how they quit alcohol for good.

In closing, remember to take care of yourself. Get the help you need and make 2019 your year of sobriety.

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