Insanely Trippy Animation Explained


“Listen here.
This is the beginning of a story of control…

In the theater of the world
To keep us distracted
Through stories of fear, of false devils, and through entertainment.

Told by your different leaders that have come before you… And it’s messed up.

Humanity has lost something in the process of this.
What it has lost is something beautiful…
This very thing that is beautiful is something “they” are nervous about. [Alice and her lost Apple]

After all, there is something much greater out there beyond our dimension. A problem not acknowledged. [Outside the school]

The world is falling apart.

But beyond that, above all other there is another dimension. There is the story of you.
It is the story of your spiritual path and your journey. [First appearance of the Boat]

You see, through the diminishing lands and uprisings, the oil spills that fill the seas, there
is an entity and system that is wrapping itself around us and seeks to control and observe the very existence of humanity.

The ancients knew about it.
They foresaw it coming.

And it’s killing us…

War in foreign lands
Mothers witnessing the death of their child in their arms.
Child soldiers
Nations drowning in toxic waste
Helpless people making a stance of peace when the other nation shows up with gears of war.

Through this experience that you call life
and as you traverse through your spiritual journey
You’ll see that not just one, but many religions have said in the past
That when the hand of God presents itself with the light, you in your worldly prison will be laid bare. [Old Woman In Prision]

It speaks of the beauty and the wonders of the world, the love and happiness that exists.
And at the end of the tunnel there is light.
For when you truly awaken, your journey will finally end.. and That will be the only thing you can take with you.” [Boat stops moving]

FYI, Goat in the beginning is a parody of the Lion that Roars before the beginning of a movie.

Note: This of course is presented as my interpretation as it made sense to me. There’s a lot cool specific meanings hidden in each scene which tells a more detailed story.

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