Love Letters For Her That She’ll Adore

love letters for her
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This second love letters for her comes from a guy who was lonely in the past and now has a girl that he can look forward to when he gets off of work. He thinks about her all day and hopes to be with her forever. She has changed his life for the better.

Dear (insert name),

While sometimes we may questions things in life, deep inside, I know you are the only one for me. When I’m away from you, you are the one that is continuously on my mind. Everything about you, from the way you act, to the way you love, tells me that I can be with you forever and never get tired of you. It is you that I want to sit next to as we are aging and it is you I want to rest next to. You are the only one who can make me feel the way you do. Only you are able to make me feel as if time stops when I am with you. Only you can be the one to straighten me out and chase my fears away. For this, I am forever grateful and look forward to the life we will be living together.

Understand that there are some things in life that are inevitable. I am powerless and cannot control those things. Yet, the sun will rise and set, the tide will continue, the seasons will continue to change and I will continue to love you.

From the moment I first saw you, I knew that our friendship was going to blossom into something bigger. You are the one true love in my life – the one I have been blessed with and I wouldn’t do anything to change that. You are the warmth I need to keep me away from this dark world.

I am the same person I have always been and yet, the friendship I discovered with you has grew into something bigger and better and has changed my life. I understand this love we have will require time and attention and I am perfectly fine with that. Yes, we have our down times, but we have more ups than downs.

You know, while thinking, I discovered there is something mysterious about this relationship between you and I. This relationship is almost a thing in itself and yet, it is something no one can see or touch. Because of you, I have seen good changes in me and that is something no one else was able to do. I am interested in more things because you are interested in those things – I am sharing so much with you and have told you things I would have never told anyone else. You have helped me change, grow and expand and I thank you for this. I am a much better person because of you – you are the one who has made me stronger and happier.

Before you came into my life, there wasn’t much to me – I was an average guy with an average life – I was down to earth, but there was a sadness in my heart. I was missing something. Today, I realized exactly what I was missing. It was you. Now that you are here with me, I feel as if my life is complete – I no longer feel as if I am missing something. When I go home at night, from work, I am happy, because I know there is someone that will be waiting for me. In the past, when I went home after work, I went home to an empty house – surely, you could relate to me on this filling.

Every day, when I am at work, I wonder what you’re doing – I imagine me sitting next to you and cannot wait to get home to you so I can give you a big kiss. Every day, it is you that I look forward to and it is you that makes my life worth living. Honestly, I don’t know what I would ever do without you.

I love you and I will always love you from the bottom of my heart.

Love always, (insert name here)

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