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With how advanced technology has gotten, the thought of creating well thought out love letters for her, better yet a letter at all, seems silly now a days. Most people will just send their wives a simple ‘I love you’ text. Or will simply copy and paste a love letter template into an email, put her name and hit send. But the saying, “women like those kind of sappy things” is especially true when it comes to letters and it’ll mean even more when written in your own words on paper.


Writing a thought out letter takes both time and effort. That’s why an original, written out love letter can be so meaningful to a women. It shows more than what the words inside say. Most men don’t put much thought into gifts or showing appreciation for their wives or fiancé’s or girlfriends. On Valentine’s Day, they go buy flowers, a card, and box of chocolate, takes her out to eat or cooks breakfast then calls it good. On mother’s day, they get a card, balloons, chocolate, take her out to eat or cook for her then thinks that’s enough. The same goes for her birthday just with a few gifts here and there. So easy, simple and already planned out. Now don’t get me wrong. I know not all men are like this, but most. In the older days, writing letters for their wives was common. In fact, there were many cases where men would spend a part of their day writing a quick simple love letter just to give their wives before bed. Now a days, most women are lucky if their husbands remember to kiss them goodnight before bed.

Many men will say, “I just don’t know what to write.” And that’s okay! Going online for a little inspiration is okay. But you still want to make sure what you’re writing and what you are telling her in that letter is 100% true and from the heart because if it’s not then you’re pretty much wasting your time.

Here’s an example of a love letter from Romeo to Juliet, from the classical story of Romeo and Juliet. Keep in mind the way he describes her. How he tells her how he feels being apart from her and what it does to him. When you read his letter notice how much love oozes from his words.


My dearest Juliet,


I very dearly miss you, my goddess, my bloom, my love. Every moment away from you is similar to a dagger right into my heart. My actions to kill Tybalt were not meant to hurt you in anyway, he had stricken down, my friend, Mercutio. I could very well not be here to write on this fine paper to you, if I had not have acted upon the murder of my friend. With my actions however I have been exiled from Verona so it is time to say goodbye to the humble abode I call my home. This dreadful fact pains me inside, as I will not be able to see your beautiful face, your beautiful hair, or even your beautiful eyes. I have entrusted this letter to Friar Lawrence, I know that he shall do his very best to get this letter to arrive to you or your nurse. Juliet I would just like to tell you that you truly are my love and the only thing alive that keeps me going. When I see you next, it will be a blessing, as it always is. I will be waiting, trying to be patient, for your next letter, my dear.

Til then, I will think of you constantly

Romeo, Son of Montague

Romeos’ letter to Juliet is absolutely filled with love and passion. Just by reading this one letter you can tell he’s committed to only Juliet. That he’s practically dying being away from her but that her love for him and hope to see her again is what keeps him motivated to stay alive. This is a great example of a love letter for her.


Here’s another example of a letter that Romeo wrote to Juliet shortly after receiving a letter from her.

What am I without you, Juliet?

Juliet, I’m still thinking of you constantly. Since I’ve been here, pain is all I have found. I would like to hear more of this plan you and the father are creating, I have total confidence that you will make a brilliant plan to let us be together, as you and I both wish. Juliet it appears as though someone is coming with news, I am sending this letter to you incomplete, but I know you will complete it.

Your husband and the love you’ve dreamed of forever,

Romeo, Son of Montague


You see, you don’t need to write a letter that’s long. A short letter with thoughtful words that of course come from your heart will suffice. In our daily lives we are constantly busy all the time for majority of the day. That’s why writing a love letter for her is so meaningful. Because you took valuable time out of your day to sit down, write her a beautiful letter on pen and paper just to show how much you love her.

The best part about love letters is you can write anything. Look at it as a journal. A journal you write everything in about how you feel about her. Write about the happy moments and the sad and mad moments you guys fought through it all. It doesn’t have to sound like the letters Romeo wrote. You can even draw pictures of make a collage on the back of the letter. Anything works! The most important thing to remember to do is make sure the words come from your heart and that you try your best to make it to where she can read your handwriting.

Another fun tip you can do to make the paper look nice and authentic is boil up some green tea and let it cool. Dip the paper you’re going to write the letters on a few times than hang dry them. Make sure to have an extra paper or so done in case you end up writing more than you planned. Also, when drying the paper make sure the paper isn’t bent. You want to hang dry it completely straight from top to bottom. This will give your letter a feel of elegance and authenticity to it as well.

No matter what you do, she will be sure to love it. Happy love letter writing!

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