Apology Love Letter Written For Boyfriend

Photo by foto76 Freedigitalphotos
Photo by foto76 Freedigitalphotos

Dear (insert name),


I am sorry that I hurt you when I forgot our special day. But in my defense, I see every day with you as special. That may sound like an excuse but give me time to explain. I promise it will make more sense when I am done.

The day that I fell in love with you was the day my life truly began. Since then, every day has been a celebration of sorts. A celebration of life, love, and happiness. A celebration of finding the one person out of millions that makes every second of my life better than it ever was. Our first day was wonderful. The second one was fantastic. The ones we had after that just tiny miracles. If I never believed in God before, I do believe in Him now. He created the perfect person and gave you to me.

You bring so much happiness to my life in everything you do. How could I pick just one day to celebrate my life with you? Each day is always better than the one before, even when we fight. I have learned to treasure the little moments and learn from my mistakes. I know some I seem to make more than others. I thank you for your patience. Old habits are sometimes hard to break but making new ones with you is so worth the effort.

But back to the subject. Instead of explaining why I forgot, let me tell you what I remember. I remember the way your smile lights up your face. I remember the peaceful feeling I get when I watch you sleep. The moments you tell me you love me are forever etched in my memory. I remember the taste of your tears when you cry at the end of your favorite movie. I remember the feel of your heartbeat when I kiss you. I remember the sound of your voice when you sing your favorite song. I remember each curve of your body when you are dancing close to me.

But most important of all, I remember that you love me. It is my most treasured memory and one I will always hold close to my heart. You could have chosen someone else to love but instead, you chose me. I am thankful every day for that blessing. That alone is a reason to celebrate every day I am with you.

So I apologize for forgetting just one day of many. There really is just too many to recall. I will try to remember next time. I really will. But just know that between then and now, I will have so many more special moments with you to treasure. It may take me a while to remember just one. But I will do what I can if it is that important to you. I would never want to hurt you. I am very sorry that I did. I hope I can make it up to you.

Forever yours,

(insert name here)

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