Love Letters For Him That He Will Appreciate

love letters for him
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Note: This comes from a girl who lives with her boyfriend/husband. This is the type of girl who is very open in her relationship and isn’t afraid to express exactly what she is feeling. This isn’t the first love letters for him she has written – she has written numerous.

Dear (insert name here),
Right now, I am on my lunch break, at work. I know, I should be eating, but it’s hard for me to eat right now, because I continuously have you on my mind. All I really want to do is think of you 24/7. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me, but no, I think I am in love – in love with everything about you.
I love …
The way you comb your hair every morning …
I know, you probably don’t notice me watching you (or maybe you do), but there’s just something about the way you comb your hair every morning. I mean, it is downright sexy! And when your hair is finished, oh my, the look is breathtaking. Of course, regardless of whether your hair is well-combed or not, you’re still sexy.
The way you smile …

Oh goodness, don’t even get me started on your smile – it is one of the most pleasing things on the block! When I’m feeling down due to stress from work or whatever, that smile of yours brightens up my day. I really don’t know what I would do without that smile.
You way you laugh …
Next to your smile is your laugh. What can I say about that? It’s not loud and annoying, it’s soft and gentle. That laugh is like music to my ears – if I could listen to it all day, I would. Your laugh means you are happy and that, in return, makes me happy.
How much you love me …
Most of all, what I really really love about you is how much you love me. Other guys in the past, they didn’t love me nor did they care about me. You, on the other hand, you try hard to show me just how much you love me and that makes me feel so special.
My lunch break is almost over and it is almost time for me to get back to work, but I just wanted to drop you these paragraphs and tell you exactly why I love you – remember, you are on my mind 24/7 and I can’t wait until we get off of work so that I can see you again … I am never going to get tired of seeing your face every day.

Love always, (insert name here)
PS, Did I mention “I love you?”

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