Out Of Town Love Letter

Photo by Sicha Pongjivanich FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by Sicha Pongjivanich FreeDigitalPhotos

Note: This love letter for him is from a girl who is dating a man who is out of town and has been out of town for a month or more – perhaps deployed overseas or on a business trip. This is the first love letter the girl has ever written to him, so she has been a bit hesitant for awhile, but she has finally reached out and written it.

Dear (insert name here),
I hope that this letter reaches you safely and on time …
For so long, I have contemplated on whether or not I should sit down and write this letter, but now, I believe I is finally time to tell you what I have been holding in my heart for so long now.
I love you.
I love you like the dark loves the night, like the day loves the light. I love you like my heart loves to beat, like the sea loves to rise.
Honestly, I love you so much that it is hard for me to find the words to explain just how much I care to you. You’re the only guy I am interested in – the only one who is able to capture my attention.
The day you got on that plane, tears were in my eyes. I found it so hard to sleep that night … and the next night. I got so used to having you sleep next to me. I know, this is going to sound a bit strange to you, but at night, I fall asleep holding your pillow – ever so slightly, right before I fall asleep, I breathe in your scent that still lingers on that pillow. During the day, I walk around holding your shirt – I long for the moment when I can finally hold you in my arms again and tell you just how dear to me you are.
When I look up at the night sky, I can only hope that maybe, just maybe somewhere, you are looking up at that same bright star I am looking up at. I imagine your eyes, the smile on your face, as you are looking up at that star, thinking of me as well.
Well, I know that you probably have some things you need to take care of (I’m proud of you for doing all the things you do), so I am going to let you go now. I hope that you stay safe and will forever hold this letter close to your heart.
You’re in my mind, heart and soul 24/7. I love you truly, madly deeply.
Yours truly always and forever, (insert name here)
PS, I will always love you, no matter what. I am, and will always be, your biggest fan.

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