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Photo by Arvind Balaraman FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by Arvind Balaraman FreeDigitalPhotos

So in this post I’ve decided to take some random posts on the internet relating to long distance relationship quotes and just talk about it. Some are funny, some are a bit sad and hopefully overall it will be a bit entertaining.

“Don’t tell me long distance relationships don’t work out, because as far as I can see local relationships don’t work any better.” – Anonymous

I’m looking at this quote and thinking… He is so right!


It’s something I’d have to think about for a while because at what points do the two types of relationships stop working?

Come to think about it there’s only a handful of reasons why long distance relationships don’t work out. There’s the obvious reason of being too far away, there’s cheating, emotionally becoming distant, not keeping in touch etc… etc…

But I can only think of a handful.


Because there’s a lot less to go with compared to having a local relationship. In a local relationship jealously can come into play a lot, friends constantly getting in the way, someone else directly competing for your partner and the list goes on.

In fact, I wonder if there are actual studies done to show the success rate of long distance relationships and local ones. Someone of the readers here will probably know.


Here’s another: “No I’m not single, I’m in a long distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the future.” – Anonymous

Not so great actually. Is this person implying that it’s a future long distant away?

Moving on…

“I know when I leave, the distance will keep us apart. But no distance, no matter how far, can change these feelings in my heart.” – Unknown

So true, it’s one thing idealizing how we should or shouldn’t deal with this situation but it’s pretty clear that it can’t change the feels we have.

That’s it for random quotes in this article. These were just some of the ones that caught my attention for this article. Till next time!

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