Best Quotes From Love Songs

Image by James Barker FreeDigitalPhotos
Image by James Barker FreeDigitalPhotos

Even though you can send long distance relationship quotes to your loved one you can also send songs too. After all songs are very similar to poetry except it has instruments playing along.

One of the common themes I found in all my relationships is that my partner loved to tell me what she’s feeling through the songs she sent to me. As a guy I’d prefer to just tell a person how I feel, but that often lacks finesse.

If you want to put a bit of finesse into your romantic communication you can add some of these new and classics to your list. Either send quotes from these song lyrics in a card or send him or her the song itself. Just make sure to add a personal touch to it letting them know how much you care about them.

You’ll recognize a lot of these, and if you don’t I highly recommend you go check them out.

“Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you,
Tomorrow I’ll miss you.”
– Paul McCartney

“All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.”
– The Beatles

“Those fingers in my hair
That sly come hither stare
That strips my conscience bare
It’s witchcraft”
-Frank Sinatra

“Love me tender,
Love me long,
Take me to your heart.
For it’s there that I belong,
And we’ll never part.”
-Elvis Presley

“It’s a little bit funny this feeling inside
I’m not one of those who can easily hide
I don’t have much money but boy if I did
I’d buy a big house where we both could live.”
– Elton John

“Deep in my heart I’m concealing things that I’m longing to say. Scared to confess what I’m feeling – frightened you’ll slip away.”
– Madonna

I promise you,
From the bottom of my heart…
I will love you,
Til’ death do us part…
As a lover and a friend,
I will love you like I never love again.
– Backstreet Boys

Personally I’m not a big fan of Backstreet Boys but I know there are a lot of women who like them. Figured I’d squeeze it in there.

“I want to love you, and treat you right,
I want to love you, every day and every night,
We’ll be together, with a roof right over our heads,
We’ll share the shelter, of my single bed”
-Bob Marley

Think these would be perfect for long distance relationship quotes?

Why not!

Enjoy the songs and enjoy sharing these quotes.

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