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love quotes for her
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It’s not a secret that love quotes for her in books can sum up our feelings better than most people can – but the reality is even the mere effort of writing your own means so much more to a woman because your heart is in your writing. Below you will see a collection of real quotes used by guys who either wrote them as part of a letter or a poem. They are real and we’d like to share it with you in hopes of inspiring your own. Feel free to share love quotes you have written for your significant other.

“Here’s to our love. To the way I fall for you each and every morning. To the endless love and affection you shower me with every day.”

“You know, my favorite thing about you is the way your hair glows in the sun. It makes me want to run my hand through it.”

“The best thing I appreciate about you is that first and foremost you’re my best friend and you’re my lover. You set me free and I can share anything with you.”

“Everyone else may see your beauty, but I’m not fooled, I see your good heart and smart mind.”

“Thanks for being you, your warm smiles always brings light to my darkest days.”

“Not hearing your voice would be a scary thought to me.”

“I’m sorry, sometimes things that normally should be said aren’t. Sometimes we are so caught up in the moment, now, I forget. Like how fine you are.”

“Sorry I wasn’t listening, I was just entranced by your eyes.”

“Some days I wish you were just here so I can just grab hold of you.”

“We’ve known each other for a few months now, and since then we’ve talked about everything. I see you a few times a week in school and we both seem to enjoy this time. It’s clear that we’re really good friends but I’ve come to realize that you’re always on my mind. I can’t help but wonder if you feel the same…”

“I can’t seem to express how I truly feel. I’ve known you for a while and think that you might like me too. I’m kind of shy so it makes things harder. My friends tell me that I should just get up the courage to tell you. I’ve worried that I might fail because of how wonderful you are and just maybe you might not see me the same way.”

“I wake up every morning and realize how truly blessed I am to have you by my side. From the way you smile to the way you kiss my lips, I can’t think of anything more wonderful that I would want.”

“I will hold you till the end of time.”

“I am lucky to have someone as wonderful as you to call my girlfriend.”

“It’s the little things about us that I cherish the most.”

“Your kiss makes even the worst of days fade away. I forget all my worries, my problems, my responsibilities. In that moment, it’s just you and I.”

“Even if the world stopped turning and the land gets swept away by the seas I would find comfort in your love.”

“May our love be filled with fun, perseverance and understanding as we journey through it hand in hand.”

“Being loved by you deeply gives me the courage and strength that I can’t find anywhere else.”

“They say that absence makes the heart grow fond, forget that I need you here every day.”

“Sometimes the best way to express feelings is not through words, but through embrace.”

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