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love-quotes-for-himMen for the most part – like to pretend that they’re above needing to hear the cutesy words and declarations of love but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to hear it occasionally. Sometimes it’s nice to just throw a few love quotes for him out there to make sure that special guy knows you’re thinking of them. Here are a few quotes submitted by real people, we decided to keep them anonymous:

“You know, every time you look at me, my heart beats faster, my knees shake & my lips tremble waiting for you to kiss them.”

“Your eyes have a sparkle in them which light up my world.”

“All the moments I spend with you, I thank God for letting us be together and hope for the moment to last an eternity, but instead, time seems to run at its fastest; the moments I have to spend apart from you make me realize just how much I miss you and just how much I love you.”

“All I can think about right now is holding your hand and thinking to myself that you’re here…with me…I really don’t think I can tell you how much I miss you.”

“I love you too much to think of life without you now that you’re a big part of it.”

“There are some relationships other than friendship
Bonds that we don’t understand
Some that we don’t want to or need to understand
Bonds that are nameless
Ones that are just to be experienced
Bonds that don’t have any boundaries
Those that don’t have any limits
Some that bind hearts together
Bonds of passion…
Bonds of love…”

There were times when I just wanted to cut my ties with the world, quite my job, leave the house, forget about everything else and just be with you…”

“I catch myself at times looking out the window in the midst of my busy day, forgetting the paperwork piling up and the emails flooding through, remembering those previous nights that I’ve spent with you”

“All of the luxuries and riches in the world wouldn’t measure up to the feelings I get when I spend time with you”

“I had always dreamed of having something constant in my life that I can cherish no matter what happens. I finally found it in you.”

“True love can overcome even the hardest of challenges and go ever stronger. This is what you and I have.”

“Our hearts beat in the same rhythm to produce a love song that only the two of us can hear.”

“Ever since I met you, the sun shines more brightly, the flowers smell sweeter and the world is a better place.”

“Our bond is unbreakable because we forged it with love and work to make it stronger every day.”

“You may meet many funny, smart and beautiful girls in your life, but I will always remain the one who loves you the most.”

“Thank you for being there for me every time and for all the love which you are giving me. My life could not be complete without you.”

“When I have a hard time, I just close my eyes and see your face. When I need reassurance, I imagine you are right there beside me. When I want to make my coffee sweeter, I remember your kiss on my lips.”

“No matter where you go or what you do, my love will always follow you.”

“You and I make a great team! No matter what the future holds for us, I know that we will be happy and our love will prevail.”

Just because you’re saying the words to a man doesn’t mean they have to be macho and without feeling – they can still be sweet, and soft. It’s these intimate moments you share together, when it’s just the two of you, that mean the absolute most when it comes down to it. Neither of you should be worried about the way you say your words, but worried about the message you are sharing between one another. Here is a poem submitted by someone who found her old grade 8 notes and wanted to share it with us. We thought it would be great because it symbolizes young love and innocence:

“Your memories pour into my life like the sun in a sunset
To hold you in my arms forever so close and never let go
Your footsteps pause my heartbeats
Your words leave a twinkle in my eyes
Your love, your very being leaves a footprint in life itself
I await your presence
I long for your wholeness
You complete me
Forever here for me to drown into

Forever here for me to hide behind
An ocean of love
A star of hope
You, forever my love
My heart beats for you
Forever I hope your smile melts into my soul
So pure, so whole, so complete…forever so far away
Yet so close
Closer than my breath
As if an illusion
Forever mine”

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