These Love Quotes For Him Are Perfect

Love gave me two things to live by the love you have for me for me and our love for each other.

Only one man could love me the way I want. There’s only a single guy whom I want to be with each day.  It’s you, and I’m proud to say it.

You came at the right time that I needed someone. You made me realize that happiness is still there.  Without you, I would never think to love again.

Women are blessed if they have found their King. That’s what I feel when I’m with you. I’m blessed each day for the love we have for each other.

Life is precious and a treasure.  It gives us great persons who are thankful to have: our family and friends.  Of course, life also offers us a great reason to be happy all the time. That happens when a man comes to a woman’s life.

You might write me letters who shower me with gifts. You might bring me to a fancy restaurant or other beautiful places. That’s nice, but that’s all simple things to me. All I care for is a Great Love – it’s you and no one else.

You treat me like a princess when we first met. You show me that I’m your Queen when we’re together. I’m happy to say that I love you as my King for eternity.

You make me happy when I’m sad.  You give me hope when I’m alone.  With you, life has no color. But life having you by my side is bittersweet.

One of the great things in life I’m proud to have is being in love. I smile, I laugh and cry. But, I hold on it to still.  Do you want to know why? Forgetting someone like you in my life is hard.

Love has taught me many things.  I learn to be happy and be grateful for the things around me. I learn to enjoy and forget all my fears.  I don’t have regrets in doing the things I do. Most of all, I realize that life is meaningful when I’m with you.

A woman loves a man who treats them like a princess. They like a man who cares and supports them in achieving their dreams. Above all, they love a man who is loyal to them and true. I’m lucky to find the right guy for me – it’s you!

Time is all we have to spend each day. I’m happy that each time we have offers a wonderful memory. I wouldn’t get angry at you if you leave me for an hour or two. I’m happy to look forward to a great time you would give me the next day.

You always shower me with gifts and praises. You always give me wonderful time each day.  That’s good for me because it makes me smile. But, your love makes me happy all the time. So, I would love you more than you can ever do.

I admire you not only because you’re caring and true. I love you because you love me as I love you.

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