Here Are Some Great Love Quotes

My love for you is like a song. It has a melody that makes me happy. It has a tune to keep us together. Love is soft my ears, and it soothes me when I hear it. That’s why I want to love you each day so that you might hear my heart beats.

Most women dream of a happy ending. But I’m lucky that your love for me doesn’t end. It continues to inspire me to be happy not only today but every day.

Love is the sweetest thing that I have ever felt. It’s a wonderful feeling that soothes my heart. Many men offer their love to me. But, I already made up my mind.  The man reading these words already has my heart.

I’m happy most during the summer because you’re with me. I get sad during the winter because you have to leave. But, it’s fine because you bring sunshine into my life. I’m thankful for it and would treasure you for the rest of my life.

There are three great things I admire about you: you’re kindness your sincerity and your love for me. Among these three I like most your love. Why? Your love let me see beyond your kindness and sincerity. It gives me the reason why you’re kind and sincere.

I don’t want to buy expensive clothing or go to the party. All I want for us is to be together every day of our life.

Love is a wonderful feeling that I wouldn’t regret. You make me realize that it’s worth to have. You give me your heart and that all matters. I promise you our love wouldn’t be shattered.

Women don’t have to wear an expensive dress or makeup when they go out. A good man would notice them and like them with a true heart.

Life without you is sailing in the ocean without a lighthouse. Your love guides me through the good and bad. So, I’m happy that you’re the best man I have. You’re there as my light during the storms I face. You’re always there to assure me that I’m in the right direction.

The best moments of my life are the times I had with you. You’re there to be my sunshine during the rainy days. Your love is my guide during the dark moments of my life. You’re with me, and I love to be with you all the time.

Most women dream of a fairy tale that has a happy ending. Well, that doesn’t happen only in a man’s imagination. It happened to me when you came into my life.

I’m happy due to the smile you give to me. I’m glad because you’re with men. Any woman would be lucky to have you. But, I’m sorry because I don’t want to share you with any of them.

You make happy as I make you smile. You make me grateful as I show you, my love, You love me truly, and that’s what I care about.

Don’t ask me if you would marry you someday.  My answer is YES yesterday and today.

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