Make These Love Quotes For Him Your Own

Your love is like a melody to my ears. Your words can soothe my mind. So, I want to hear your voice every day. I would be happy and treasure the love we have for each other.

I would be happy if I would see you each day. I would be glad to be with you all the time. So, come with me and let’s share good memories. For sure, I would love and admire you even more.

You sing a song to me, and I would listen. You express your feelings, and I would feel it.  Don’t worry about the tune because I would understand. Don’t be afraid to love because I would love you back.

One of the great things of falling in love is having you. There’s a reason to smile and be happy all the time. You don’t have to doubt about my feelings because it’s for you.

There’s a good reason why I love you: It’s due to the kindness and sincerity you gave me all the time. I’m proud to be with you and love to marry you when the right time comes.

Any woman would be happy to have a husband like you. You’re love and care is genuine and true. Every time we spend together is a memorable bonding time. You’re my light in the dark times of my life so stay with me today.

There’s always happiness in your voice every time I hear it. Your embraces offer comfort to me. I want to be with you each day. You’re my life and love that guides me all the time. I love to be with you every moment of my life.

There’s a great reason to be happy all day. I have my family and friends with me.  But, you’re the one that makes me happy the most.

Love is sweet and kind when we’re together. It’s cold and sad when we’re apart. When you embrace me, I feel happy. When you kiss me, I’m grateful.  There are more men in the world, but I would still choose to be with you.

You come to my mind each day, and I don’t know why. My hearts beats a sudden when you’re near me. I would love to see you again my love. That’s all I ask, and I would be happy all day so don’t doubt.

Women would be happy to be with you. There’s kindness in your words and sincerity in your deeds. You respect me and care form always   I admire and care for you, so you smile. We may part ways today, but someday I would make you make you smile.

You give me the reason to love again.  Your words give me hope to live my life.  Your embraces comfort me to be happy. But, most of all, you prove your promises by giving me your heart.

There’s great love in your voice, and there’s joy in your deeds.  Your eyes are sincere that’s why I love you the most. Your love is genuine, pure and sincere so love as I love you!

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