Everyday Love Quotes For Him You Can Use

Do you think of sending love quotes to your boyfriend or husband? Well, it’s a good decision. Love quotes for him is an excellent way to show how much you love him. Men get emotional when a girl sends them the love quotes. Your man would surely appreciate your efforts by saying “thank you” or showering you with gifts.

So, send him a love quote today! Here are the love quotes you can give to your guy:

Your love is like fire. It warms my heart and makes me passionate to love you more. I’m happy to share this love with you.

Think of me when we’re together. Think of me when we’re apart, and I would think you of every day of my life.

It’s a glorious feeling to have you in my arms. Your hands give me comfort, and your kisses give me hope to treasure our love. So stay with me and let’s build wonderful dreams together.

The sunlight gives me the warm smile on your face. The rain reminds me you’re beside me. The winter makes me hope of the cold but sweet night we had together.

Love is light when I’m with you. Love is cold when you’re not with me. But when see each other I feel warm and cold at the same time. You give me the joy and thrill of loving you always.

Your voice leaves a sweet memory into my ears. Your kisses wake my anticipation to see you again. Your embraces fill the longing I have for you. So, come with me today as I share my life with you.

I love men who are sweet and kind; I like guys who are funny and loving. But, I love and like you the most because you have my heart.

Black is the night and pink is the flower. You and I are like that – different in many ways. But, we’re a perfect match because of love!

Give me one day to be with you. Give me an hour to show you I care. You might be surprised what would I do in a minute or second. It’s simple – I’ll give you my hand and be yours for a lifetime.

Love gives us hope and makes us wonder. Despite the heartache and troubles that come to us, we can face it together. Stay with me and hold my hand. Let’s hope for the best in the coming years to come.

You give me a great reason to hope and love. You take away my fears, and I look above. I ask our Father to guide us each day so that our love would be stronger than today.

You came amidst the falling rain. You hold my hand and wipe my tears. Then, you smiled and said, “It’s alright.” From that day I knew that you would be my life!

You’re different because you’re unique.  You’re my love because you have my heart. Because of that, I treasure you the most and want to be part of my life always. You come with me and let’s share life.

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