Sample Love Quotes For Him You Can Swipe

You’re my sunshine on a cloudy day. You’re my hope when I face despair. There are a million reasons why I love you so much.  But, I wouldn’t tell you that. You already have my heart.

Each day I spend with you is a new beginning. It’s a new start for me to build new memories with you. A day wouldn’t end until I say I love you. That’s how I lived when you came into my life. I would do it for many years to prove you how worthy am I to love you.

Men always talk to me and ask my name. For them, I’m beautiful, but I don’t believe them.  There’s only one man who I believe – it’s you!  You not only know my name but you also have my heart.

There are a hundred reasons for me to love you. There are a thousand reasons for me to have you back and there’s a single reason for me to stay with you. I’m yours, and you’re mine.

Men admire me, and they think I’m sweet. But, when you came, I didn’t think that men would say. I only care for the sweet words you always say to me – I love you!

Love is as sweet as your voice. It makes my heart beat fast that I couldn’t explain. Let me hear your voice once more.  I would be glad to sing that I love you so much. I would be happy to hear it every day of my life.

A woman deserves to have a sweet and caring man who loves her too. You might not be the handsome man on earth, but I know that you’re mine for a lifetime.

Love is magical when I’m with you. It makes me think of the great things we can do. You can cast a spell on me to love you even more. You can make all doubt and worries disappear for good.

Love gives me the reason to be happy despite the sadness. I treasure life despite the trials. I live free to do the good things. Also, I never get tired of having you inside my heart.

You make me realize love is worth to treasure.  You show me the joy of having you in my life. For that, I’m happy to say how grateful I am to be you am.

There are great reasons to enjoy this life. First, I have my family who supports me all the time. Second, I have friends who are always at my side. Third, I have you whom I want to be with when I grow old.

I don’t want to forget your name and your looks. I want to remember how I how I love this much.  In doing so, wouldn’t have the reason to look away from you.

Men might admire and say praises. They might amuse me with their words, but it’s not important. Your love is enough for me to live by.

I admire you more than you admire me. I think of you more than you think of me. I love you beyond eternity.

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