Music Plays A Big Role In Relieving Stress

Photo by Salvatore Vuono FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by Salvatore Vuono FreeDigitalPhotos

Stress is one of the most felt and shared emotions among us humans. Stress can make you feel sick to your stomach, lead to loss of appetite, unable to get a good night sleep or just make you feel like doing nothing at all. Stress can do anything it wants to your body if you let it take control. If under high scenarios of stress you’d need a way to handle and deal with stress that you accumulate throughout the day. The most unnoticed automatic healing potion of stress would be music.

I say unnoticed for one reason though, it’s that music is all around us and will most likely be a part of your day no matter what. The sound of music is often overlooked as an effective method to reduce stress, this is due to the fact that we as a people use music as a filler in our daily lives. Music while waiting in traffic, listening to music when exercising or going for walks. You’ll hear music in almost every mall, store or office building.

I’m sure musicians never meant for their works of artistry and self-expression only for that. They are made to be thought about, criticized, sung, resung, played and replayed. All by fans who felt a certain feeling or inspiration, far away from the day-to-day reality that is stress. Each songwriter and/or composer has a message they want to convey, as an audience it’s your choice to pick from the wide range of music in our world what you enjoy and like to hear.

Dig deeper into the word music – rock, pop, instrumental, rap, classical, 80’s. What kind of music speaks to you? Which genre grabs your heart and pulls it out every time you hear it? Which songs have words that heal, sound that soothes or power that can erupt and strengthen you as an individual? What emotion do you want to feel at the end of the song? This is what music should be associated with, even though it can be found everywhere. Music will make you think about your life choices, maybe about love and the emotions that come with love.

Music pulls you away from the real and into the dimension of exploration and idealism. Nothing can do it better than the broad and dynamic feel all kinds of music provide to many different kinds of humans, humans like you and me. This unique getaway and escape lightly pushes you to a head-space where stress, pressure and worry are nothing but a cloud drifting out and ever further away from your body. The same fleeting escape stress will follow down, leaving you free and energized all from the sound of music.

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