Poem You Can Write For Your Girlfriend

Photo by Pixomar Freedigitalphotos
Photo by Pixomar Freedigitalphotos

Here are more love poems for her that you can use.

Title: My Promise to You

I promise to wake up every morning and kiss your lips. I promise to kiss your lips every night, before I fall asleep.

I promise that when you are with me, you will never feel lonely because I promise to go out of my way in order to make sure you feel the love you deserve.

I promise to continue to love you forever and when everything else falls, I will still be by your side.

I promise, even if the world crumbles or comes to a halt, I will continue to love you. I promise that I will never leave you alone – I will continue to love you forever and always. All of these things, I promise you, because I love you truly, madly, deeply.


Title: Your Lips and Beauty

Your lift are so soft and gentle. Of the red I desire the most.
The thought of kissing you every second lingers in my head.
Your beauty is soft and warm.
You always light up my life.
I love the way your eyes sparkle in the dark night sky
Making me feel as if I am soaring up in the sky.
My love for you is true
I never stop dreaming of you
Because with you, I know I have found my one and only.
I promise that I will love you forever
And when everything else crumbles, I will never.
I am here, as your armor to protect you from harm,
Just as I consider you my lucky charm.
You are my heart and my soul,
To me, you are my whole world.

The Trials of Life

Times have been tough and there are times where I may have been wrong,
But the deep love I share with you has been there all along.
You ask me why you should go on, because nothing is right,
But we never let love out of sight.

There’s a flame of love that continues giving us light.
Our hearts may go through dark times, but we always find the light.
We both go through situations that aren’t fair,
But inside, we get through all of it, because of the values we share.

The trials of life make us aware of how we feel,
A love that isn’t fake, but very real.
I know at times this may not seem like a good deal,
But we must get through these trials of life until we are healed.

Trials of life will never be easy and you may feel as if there is no hope.
There are times when I feel as if I am dangling at the end of a rope,
But you must go down and dig deep into your heart.
Let it give you a new start.

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