These Love Poems Will Impress Your Girlfriend

Get inspiration to write love poems for her:

When I think of you
and the times gone by
of all that has been
and all that ever was,
I still feel you near.

I still expect to see you
greet me hello
check in on my day
or give a sweat goodbye.

I imagine
the conversations
thoughts I would share
and the news I have heard
or the opinions you would offer.

Long after you left
I still smell your sweet scent
in the clothes that I wear
on an old shirt you forgot
and in the air that I breathe.

I can still
see your dear smile
encouraging me
drawing me near
and anchoring me.

Never can I forget
your deep soulful eyes
so blue and clear
staring into all of me
as if I was the only one alive.

With me still
are all your hopes and every dream you shared

Photo by digitalart Freedigitalphotos
Photo by digitalart Freedigitalphotos

of what our life could encompass
and who you wanted to be.

They carry me along
give me to the courage
to begin again
and make me certain
of what I know
is that still I believe
that we will find our way
together once more.
The Rope

The rope strains
under the weight
of pressures and stresses
and all of the demands
and obligations.

There is always much work to be done
so the rope needs to stay
making me hold on with all of my strength.

It bends
and starts to fray
begins to unravel
despite all my best efforts.

It becomes ever so thin
this rope as my lifeline
the strands starting to fall
and slowly slip away.

Yet I continue to hold on.

It pulls and tears
gets heavier with time
burns my skin
taking pieces of flesh
with every tug.

Yet I continue to hold on.

There’s a weight at the end
not so heavy at first
it seems far too light
but it holds up the other end
soothing my nerves
and keeps me from releasing.

The strength of that pull
from the other end
is enough to keep me steady.
I know you won’t let me fail
and will catch me if I fall.

I do the same
holding onto to my end tight
even when I get weary
and feel like it’s the end.

Holding onto this rope,
I am willing to reweave any breaks
never letting you go.

My Constant
When the world falls apart
as it often does
time and time again,
there is only one thing I know.

You will be there.

When I feel like I am drowning
under the weight of all there is to do
and all I haven’t done,
I know you will be there
waiting to see me home.

If what I know to be true
shifts with no rhyme or reason
leaves me scattered
with no foundation to rely,
you will be there.

When I lose all ties
sail out on my own
get lost in the waves
and start to drift afloat,
you will be there
to anchor me to shore.

Dropping into the unknown,
I never have to worry
about what will become
or how I will make it through,
I know you will be there.

Facing a sea of nonbelievers
and naysayers
with no one to listen
fighting for a voice against the odds,
I am never alone.

You will be there.

When the days are long
nothing goes right
and the universe has no place for me,
I know you will be there.
Our Time Apart

Our time apart
is but just a brief respite
a change in the wind
that will always turn around.

We will constantly find our way
like how the sun meets the sky
as the rain cleanses the dust
and the minutes forever tick by.

Our quick departs
are where no worries can be found,
as we will soon be found as one
and as if we never parted.

There is sweat joy
in our times apart.
As we get to reunite
combine our thoughts
find ourselves once more together
singing the same tune.

No matter the time
or how far we stray
what occupies our minds
or how we fill our days,
our souls stay entwined
regardless of the miles
or oceans between
never strangers to each other.

Without me even knowing
or feeling its strange pull,
a magnet draws me near
to where you will be.

Regardless of the time
valley of experience
or distance between,
it is always as if no time has passed
as if I were standing here by your side
and knowing of you always.

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