4 Love Poems That She Will Like

Just two more pages of love poems for her remaining. This article has four which you will enjoy.

My Tears
Afraid to hold
Afraid to watch
Afraid to love
All the stories untold
Why am I scared of loving?
Afraid of having my heart broken.
It’s so easy to take my heart and toss it to the side.
I will not talk.
The only sound you will hear
Will be the sound of my tears.
The breaking of my heart
Just as a display of art.
So astonishing
So beautiful
Yet so afraid.
Afraid to love
Afraid of all these stories I’ve never told.

Photo by nenetus Freedigitalphotos
Photo by nenetus Freedigitalphotos

I Ran Into You Today
While driving today as I always do
I looked in the mirror and saw your face in view

My heart started beating because it took my breath away
I was speechless and had nothing to say.
I remembered what we said the night we said goodbye
And how much of a hurry I was in to go home and cry.

Then, I saw someone next to you
It seems you were happy with how life has treated you.

I took one more glance in my mirror to see your face
And realized that it was true, someone else took my place.

So here I sit, thinking of you. Memories of you will always be in my heart to stay
And I am thankful I got to see you today.



Communication takes time,
It takes practice,
It’s never perfect
And sometimes it’s not patient.
But you have to be able to speak
And say what’s on your mind.

Open up your ear,
Listen to the ones
And don’t just hear,
The ones you love so dear.

Communication takes two
It is not a one way street
To concur this feat.

Communication is hard
But in the end, it is what holds the key,
To the love with you
That I want and need.

I’m opening up my heart,
Just as I did from the start.
We are partners for life,
And there’s nothing to hide.

I Saw You Today

I saw you today.
You politely looked my way.
Your eyes so stunning

I touched you today
You politely looked my way
Your hair so soft

I kissed you today
You politely looked my way
Your lips so gentle.

I loved you today
You politely looked my way
Your heart so soft-spoken
Your stare so gentle.

I saw you today
I politely looked your way.
My heart so soft-spoken
My eyes full of love
I saw you today.

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