Love Poem To Tell Her She’s Your Soul Mate

Photo by Simon Howden Freedigitalimages
Photo by Simon Howden Freedigitalimages

This love poem for her is written by a guy who believes his girlfriend is his soul mate. This guy would do everything it takes for his girlfriend to see just how much he loves her.


Are We Soul Mates?
Do you remember when we first became friends?
How long ago did that chapter of our life end?

When I met you, the pain in my heart turned to fear.
Now, I cannot imagine life without you near.

Since the day I met you, I knew that I love you.
Now, here I am, longing for your special touch.
Longing for you to consume me

To take me over.

Each day, I try to disguise how much you mean to me.
Like a caged bird, those feelings need to be set free.

Sure, I have other interested too
But you are the one I really want to pursue.

You are my best friend
My lover
You are my soul mate.

I hope that you are able to think like I do
And see the things that I see
I hope you know where I want to be.

This one is written by a boy who loves his girlfriend and wants her to realize just how much she means to him. It could be given to the girl after an argument, as a way to make up with her and tell her exactly what she means to him. Or, it could be written by a guy who simply wants to drop a couple of sweet notes his girlfriends way in order to make her feel special, just as every girl should feel.

What My Girlfriend Means to Me
You mean so much to me
I couldn’t even begin to describe
Just you wait and see.
You are my umbrella on a stormy day
You are my sun on a cloudy day
You are everything to me – what can I say
You’re in my mind every single day
I think about you when I lay down to sleep
I think about you when I am at work.
I think of you when I find it hard to sleep.
You’re the number one girl in my life
You are the best
You’re like a tattoo in my mind
Always there
I’ll love you forever and this I promise you

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