Long Love Poems You Can Write For Her

Photo by nenetus Freedigitalphotos
Photo by nenetus Freedigitalphotos

You can write a few long love poems for her that she can spend time reading and thinking about you. For more click here

Without Words


She comes to me
without a sound
offering a gentle nudge
an open stare
and the softest touch.

A fleeting kiss
and a brush upon the cheek
an arm locked with mine
says more than words
from the mightiest poets
and the chorus of the most harmonious song.

Louder than the biggest drums
or the thunder in the sky
are the slow blink of her eyes
the radiance of her smile.
Without me speaking
she seems to know
of just what to do
and all of what there is
the highs and lows
and all the in-betweens.

Silence provides a space
of safest harbor
with tension and strain
forgotten memories
of a time long ago.

Her quiet presence
supports a journey
the struggles of which
she knows of little
but is ready to sacrifice
and stay the course
without pleads or promises.

True love is there
within her soft grace
of unspoken trust
and gentle embrace.

So much is said
from having her near
a small hand in mine
with no need for dialogue
or false declarations.

The passage of time
only draws us closer
she has become my world.

She is all I need
to speak the loudest truths
beyond all words
to see it through.


It was simple
how she came into my life
like a part of a plan
a gesture of fate
a whim of fancy
unable to avoid
that a lifetime soon made.

She walked on an air
untouched by many
too good for most
sought out for an unattainable beauty
yet somehow at my door.

A cautious air
guarded her spirit
protected a heart
broken when young
fragile to touch
a lasting memory
to fresh to deny.

I had to prove
my worth and honor
show my true nature
without a disguise.

Unveiled and exposed
with more than words
and the false promises
found on any corner
towards a fondness
of tender passion.

Her love came slow
like the change of the seasons
unaware of when it started
too certain to contain.

Now we are joined
for better or worse
together in time
as if we never were apart.

A protector of her heart
is a chosen honor
always to foster.

I treasure the time
the length of many years
wrapped up in a joy
of the love of an angel
forever to hold her dear.


It was your eyes
that drew me near
caused me to get close
though I didn’t know
how much I needed
and what I had to give.

I was broken
you were discarded
two lost souls
in need of a home.

Resistance was inevitable
for just a little while
a cry towards independence
and the worry close ties bring.

The days were long
as we came to know
of each of our ways
and those lives
stolen by agony.

Tentative steps
marked our start
with one foot out the door
looking for any reason to part
a sign to flee
give up without effort.

Unsure of how
to make it all true
we fussed and fought
struggled to make whole.

Pain of the past
bleeds into the presence
shadowing the future
a cloud in our minds.

Despite all the odds
here grew a seed
every so small
only to grow each day.

It was a seed
of a love so strong
it greets each day
with hopeful promise.

Just for Me

Though she belongs to all the world
an audience who craves
her attentions and fuss
the performances and perfections,
I like to think her smile is for me.
It is her laugh
so big and honest
without a shred of doubt
or falseness
that keeps me going
fending off the melancholy
only to draw the biggest roars.

Though she laughs often
shares her amusements with many,
I like to think her best chuckles are for me.

Her heart is so big
philanthropy more than just a cause
or a sweat moment of charity
but of a free accord
just how she is
to give to others
and rise up them all.

I would like to think
she is my biggest fan
not for a pity or benevolence sake
rather because she believes
holds special a place
all just for me.

Though petite in stature,
her strength inspires
as those of superheroes
dealing with adversity
to soar above.

She teaches many
learning from mistakes
developing each day.

I would like to think
she has taught me the best
to grow and become
change in a way
to make her proud.

She is all things at once
and goofy
and crazy
and smart.

For me,
she is the one
who looks
with so much love
and pride
that I can only wonder
how that could all
be just for me.

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