Love Poems For Him To Capture His Heart

Enjoy a few love poems for him that will get his attention:

Spring, a constant season,
Flowers bloom in vibrant colors,
The sweet fragrant scent in the air.
Hands link together,
Two hearts awake, and touch.
Songs of love beat as one,
The world is theirs alone.

A soft lover’s touch,
A breathy whisper in the dark,
Making dreams a reality.
White picket fences,
The home of their dreams,
Lists and rehearsals,
All a formality.
No need for announcements,
Love shines for all to see.
Vows unspoken in their eyes,
A ceremony a technicality,
Voicing aloud the pledges,
That beat forever in their hearts.
Whisper of silk and satin,
Tuxedo of black,
Soft coos of white doves,
Sighs and tears of the guests.

A new life started together,
The road untraveled and new.
Opportunities wait ahead of them,
Their love forever new.

love poems for him
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Laying under a blanket of stars
Your head resting on my chest
I think about how far we’ve come
How much our love has grown
What started as a simple date
Turned into a lifelong love affair
Your small hand resting in mine
Would hold and protect my heart
Just as I would protect yours
Keeping it safe and secure
The fights we had over nothing
But left you drowning in tears
They are now a distant memory
When once they were so clear
Instead we filled our lives with love
We learned forgiveness along the way
But no matter how many the ups and downs
We stood firmly side by side
Committed to making good on our promises
Promises made in front of God
We’ve made it to today
Now I thank all the stars above
To still have you in my arms
To love and to grow old with
You are my lover and my best friend
The very reason for my existence
May our future be forever bright
May I always have you by my side

My love, as you go about your day
And as I go about mine
Remember me now and then
Until we reunite
I will thank about your smiling face
The smell of your perfume
The way your hair falls in your face
Your touch upon my skin
I will think about the love we share
Which keeps growing every day
These thoughts will keep me going
Until we see each other again
Looking back on our life together
The memories that we made
Every moment special
Our love forever growing
Stronger every day

Kissing in the rain
Snuggling by the fire
Making wishes to a star-filled sky
Picnics in the park
Holding hands in the car
Silent whispers in the dark

The taste of your lips
Your dimples when you smile
The sound of your laughter
You dancing in the kitchen

The passion in your eyes
When your body touches mine
The sound of your voice when
You tell me you love me

Perfect little memories
Protected in our hearts
Times we spent together
From the day we first met
We created special memories
Moments to remember
Moments of our love

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