Great Love Poems You Can Write For Him

Photo by Dynamite Imagery Freedigitalphotos
Photo by Dynamite Imagery Freedigitalphotos

More love poems for him that you’re going to enjoy:

If I could make 1,000 paper cranes
I would write on each one how much I love you
And then make thousands upon thousands more of paper cranes
Because thousands of words will never be enough
If I could take all the world’s songs and string them into one
I would sing them a thousand times and never get tired
A thousand miles does not seem a lot to walk when my ending destination is you
If a picture is worth a thousand words
I could take a photo every second of every hour every day
And still not finish expressing my love for you
A thousand may seem a lot in this short life
But a thousand is never enough when it comes to my love for you


They say love is a game
If that is true, then when we play there will only be winners

They say love is a battlefield
If that is true, then I would gladly surrender if that means that I will be forever held captive in your heart

They say love is an open door
If that is true, then I would gladly unhinged the door so that it may never close

They say love knows no end
If that is true, then I am glad because I never want our love to end

They say love knows no distance
If that is true, then I am glad because if by chance we born at opposite ends of the world we would still find each other

They say love is patient
If that is true then I would live a thousand lives a thousand times if that what it takes to meet you

They say love is a many splendored thing
And I agree

If I was a princess and you were prince charming
I would save myself, so that our story could end quicker and I could be with you sooner

I wouldn’t have ran away at midnight to go back to a horrid life

I would have cut off my hair and used it as a rope to climb down my tower myself

I would eat a thousand poison apples if that meant you would never stop kissing me

I would prick on a thousand needles if that meant I would wake up every time with your lips on mine

I would forsake my family name, all duty and honor just to be with you

If I was a princess and you were prince charming

Our love would be immortal as it would be the only thing writers could write about and singers could sing about
Regardless of language or translation our love would mean the same


They say it is not nice to stare
They may change their minds after looking at you
Eyes so beautiful, so expressive, so mesmerizing whether you are happy or sad
A smile that is so contagious, even the grumpiest person will have to surrender a smirk
Hair so full and soft, it feels like silk and would make you want lay your head on it as if it were the softest of pillows
When you walk, it’s effortless, it is like you’re gliding
When you enter a room, you fill it like water fills a glass
When you speak, you demand attention
When you look, you freeze that person into place, until you look away and the spell is broken
When you leave, you leave behind a tiny piece of you and the want to have more
Yes, they may have change their mind if they saw you


Note: A letter from a girl to a boy she has had a crush on for years.

Dear (Insert Name Here),

I am not some awkward weirdo girl who is a hermit and has never been kissed. I am not some girl who is obsessed with you and stalks you on every media outlet available. Nor am I a girl who ignores her feelings when they are obviously there.

You may not know me too well but that’s okay. I have been going to school with you for the past 8 years. We had 9th grade science together and couple of more classes together throughout our high school years. You were smart, confident when answering questions, and social, getting along with everyone you met. Me not so much. I was smart and confident in my studies, of course, but prefer books over general socialization. We were so alike yet so different, which is why I had admired you so much.

At graduation, when they announced what colleges we were going to, I was proud and excited for you. Proud because I knew you could do it. Excited because it meant that maybe, somehow we would see each other again, and maybe college will somehow give me the courage to at least talk to you.

As it is the beginning of our senior year, you can probably guess that the courage I was looking for has just kicked in. Surprisingly, we are still attending the same classes, and I am guessing we both have the same major. Not so surprisingly you are still the smart, confident, and social guy I know from high school, and my heart still flutters everytime I glance at you.

After listening to me babble, you may be wondering the purpose of this letter. This letter, love letter if you will, is not solely a confession, but an invitation. An Invitation to get to know each other and develop a friendship, and maybe something more. Maybe we can get through our current scholarly hardships together, like we have done for the past 8 years separately.

Whether you respond positively and negatively to this letter or not, writing you is something that I won’t regret. I would have regretted if I have never said anything, and we have graduated and gone our separate ways. If you are at least curious of who I may be, you could meet me at the campus coffee shop after class tomorrow at the window by the door. I will expect nothing, but may hope for something.


(Insert Name Here)

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