Best Friends Love Poem To Give Him

Here is the fourth page of love poems for him you can enjoy

Best Friends

Best friends, shoulder to shoulder
To hell and back, we made it through
We shared our deepest fears
Our shoulders wet with heartbreak
We healed each other with our laughter

Let the sun be our warmth
Till the day we both woke up
The truth within our eyes
My heart was never lost
You had it all the time
Keeping it safe and secure

Till the moment was right
You unlocked the door to my heart
You had the master key
Your heart kept beat with mine
The treble to my bass

Those summer nights on the roof
Spent talking together for hours
They are my fondest memories
But now mean so much more
Secrets shared in silent whispers
Dreams we would explore
Those nights our hearts already knew
What we weren’t ready to see
But yet they touched so many times
Unable to stay away

Still best friends, we become more
Our love no longer bound inside
Special moments, we will make more
No worries of heart break or tears
You give me reason to feel the sun
No better love than what we have
Best friends, we stand on solid ground
Love lets us fly
We chase horizons to find its limits
Knowing none will be found


Photo by kongsky Freedigitalphotos
Photo by kongsky Freedigitalphotos

Thoughts of you today

I thought of you today
Like I do so many times
Remembered the smile on your face
As I kissed your cheek good-bye

I touched your face so softly
My angel while you slept
I kept that picture in my head
Till I see you once again

Although only a few hours
That time passes slowly
The separation much too long
I carry you in my head
Always in my heart
Forever you will stay

But in my head,
You light the darkness
That builds inside of me
Traffic, time clocks, and deadlines

They make my world so bleak
With you tucked inside my head
It is reason enough to stay
I think of your gentle hands
That fixed my noontime meal
I feel the love you put inside
Enough to get me through the day

Seconds take weeks
Minutes take years
But finally, I’m coming home
To reunite with you once more
Thank you for those memories
You filled my day with sun
Now to make new ones
To get me through tomorrow..


Like a stray, you took me in
You bandaged up my wounds
Giving my heart a home
Giving it time to heal

You were there when the nightmares
Came crashing down on me
You kissed away the salty tears
And took the pain away

Your love kept me warm
When cold fear came to call
You gave me all you had
Never asking anything in return

The baggage from our pasts
Never made it to their destination
Past hurts that held us down

Forgiven, we now are free
I saw the love within your eyes
It matched the love in mine
Destiny brought us together
But love made us stay

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