Pokemon Go The Art Of War


There’s no stopping it now.

Whether it’s students or 35 year old professionals everyone is taking part in this rave. Pokemon Go took over the world virtually overnight.

There are still those who don’t care much for it but they are few and far between…kinda like Team Instinct – I shouldn’t joke, I’m Team Instinct.

Although Canada doesn’t have an official release yet I took the liberty of downloading the apk like many others have and took to the streets.

In this blog you’ll first get a run down of the experience of playing it… then further into this post you’ll find tips and tricks on catching, finding and evolving your Pokemon.

Taking Pokemon Go To The Streets

Anyone familiar with the city of Toronto knows about the large area and endless intrigue of High Park – and that’s where I started my journey.

To be honest, I’ve been to High Park before but it’s the first time I got a full tour courtesy of Pokestops – I would have never known some of these places existed.

Here, take a look:

pokemon go all knowing tree

This is the All Knowing Tree at High Park. Hidden in the bowels of this giant park grows a tree that resembles the “Old Gods” from Game of Thrones. Although I doubt it was the objective of the artist who carved it.

pokemon go temple

This structure is known as “The Temple”, hidden near the entrance of the park.

But enough of the scenery. Let’s talk about the game play.

Tip For Evolving And Catching Pokemon

Let’s resolve the myth behind the colored circle and throwing the Pokeball.

I’ve read some conflicting tips online but I think there’s a general agreement that you throw the pokeball when the colored circle is at its smallest.

I tried throwing it when the circle was the largest and got my “nice throw” and “curve ball” bonus much easier. But I think it’s still a lot easier to catch once the circle becomes small.

Let’s talk about evolving…

Have you ever noticed the weight and height of a Pokemon? Those stats play a big role just as much as your combat point does. Instagram user @tinothekai puts it best (click image to enlarge):

Click to view large image
Click to view large image

After getting that tip I started transferring all my XS and regular sized Pokemon and kept the XL only. Think about it… you can’t change the height and weight of your Pokemon, that comes stock – but you can change its CP.

It would make sense on the long run to have a Pokemon that’s XL ideally in weight and height and then bolster it up with star dust. This might take longer than most people would like but I think it’s a sound strategy going forward.

Let’s Discuss Your Avatar Level

A few of my friends got lucky. Their place of work is right next to a Pokestop at a very busy intersection – in the heart of downtown Toronto.

So all day long when there’s nothing to do they spin that Pokestop and collect experience points and items. The bonus comes when people randomly decide to attach a lure module to that stop. Then it’s open season for my friends working there.

It’s not unusual for them to gain a level through the course of a day.

But for the rest of us we can use a Lucky Egg to level up quicker.

First spend some time, maybe a few days to catch any and all Pokemon. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Pidgey. Evolving as many Pokemons in one go is part of the strategy.

Then once you’re ready and think you’ve collected enough rare candy for each type activate a lure module, incense and lucky egg at the same time.

You now have 30min to catch as many Pokemon as possible and get 2x experience points. While you’re at it during the last 10min start evolving all the Pokemon you’ve collected and prepared in the last few days.

You should AT LEAST gain 2 levels or more.

Gym Battles

I used to avoid doing gym battles because I couldn’t match my CP with the defending Pokemon at the gym. Turns out you can chip away at the gym prestige which eventually collapses the gym.

I can go in with several 500cp Pokemons to battle a 700cp opponent, then if I lose just use potion and revive and go at it until the gym prestige reaches 0. You have to defeat at least one Pokemon in the gym to decrease the prestige.

Use this wisely and pick the gyms that have low prestige points.


Of course some of this stuff you might already know so it’s more geared towards beginners, but I hope it helped.

Alright that’s all I got for for today… *shit that was a lot to write.

Aside from the collecting and battling you also meet a lot of friendly and fun people. My friend and I were downtown near University of Toronto and bumped into hoards of trainers.


After a friendly discussion and trading tips on where to catch rare Pokemon we went on our way. You get to socialize and meet new people while playing your game.

*Side note* If you want a Hitmonchan, you’ll find it close to city hall. Just follow your Pokeradar lol

That’s it for today!

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