Raclette Suisse At Front Street Foods – J Red & Co



I went down to Toronto on Thursday just for this, and I waited a whole week…

Could you imagine, a whole week before I could bite into this ooey,gooey, melted, warm cheese…

You can smell the melted, slightly burned Swiss cheese as soon as you walk towards the food stand. It’s served on fried potatoes and a side of kale and chili vinaigrette salad. The sausage is optional.

If I could have it any differently I’d add more cheese, the entire wheel if I had my way.

Check out the photos:







There are other food stands at the Front Streets Food market.

The market is open from June 13 – August 5th at Adelaide St. 150 York St / 181 University Ave.

It’s not open during the weekends, only Monday – Friday 11am – 8pm.

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