Satisfying That Pad Thai Craving – Thai Room Toronto Cabbagetown

Thai_Room_TorontoWe’re checking out Pad Thai at Thai Room – Cabbagetown!

When was the last time I covered Pad Thai??



A stir-fried dish normally served both as street food and at restaurants in Thailand; it found its place in the hearts of many food lovers around the world. The origins of Pad Thai can be argued but the ballpark falls around 1938 when Plaek Phibunsongkhram, the leader of Siam (now known as Thailand) mandated a cultural program to promote nationalism. One of the mandates was to introduce a new national dish… and Pad Thai was born.

Cool Thai Culture Fact! – Eating alone in Thai Culture is considered bad luck – all dishes present at the table is shared and enjoyed together.

So, when you’re craving a bit of authentic Bangkok style Pad Thai you can consider putting this restaurant on your list; located on the east end of Toronto in Cabbage Town.

They have numerous locations around the GTA and possibly more opening up, this location was recommended to me by friends.

Why not, right?

Quaint, small and cozy. When dining in you notice Uber Eats and Foodra delivery constantly coming in and out… a good sign that locals really dig this place.

So today I’ll show you three dishes that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy.

But before we get to the main dishes let’s start with an appetizer, the vegetarian platter:


Here we have Crispy tofu, green mango salad, spring rolls and salad rolls. Each of these items can be ordered individually, but my recommendations: Get the crispy tofu. It literally feels like you’re biting into chicken nuggets and it can be filling on its own.

Now let’s move on to the three dishes.

1) The Bangkok Style Pad Thai Chicken


Most Paid Thai found in North America is considered westernized and leans towards the flavors of sweet and sour. Thai Room wanted to stick to the authentic sweet but also savory tradition. The dish is made with rice noodle, egg, tofu, tamarind sauce, bean sprout and roasted peanuts on the side.

2) Crispy Beef


Most places that serve crispy beef usually have it flattened out and you’re biting on chewy/rubbery meat. The meat served at Thai Room is still plump and juicy, you can bite into the crispy beef and feel more substance. It’s made with onions, sweet peppers, chili and “secret” Thai sauce.

4) Green Curry Vegetable


I saved my favorite dish for last. I was pleasantly surprised when tasting the Green Curry Vegetable, the flavors of the different veggies are combined and found in the sauce itself. Despite the curry appearing thick it’s actually super light. When poured onto white rice it feels like you can keep eating it forever. This dish is made of market vegetables, bamboo shoots, sweet peppers with tofu in the coconut curry sauce.

Due to the different locations you can check out their website for hours of operation as well as their menu at

Till next time!

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