The Good And The Bad Of Getting Comfortable In Relationships

Isn’t love the greatest? You have that certain someone by your side through the good and the bad – it’s almost as if they’re apart of you, and you don’t even remember what it felt like to be single.

Many of us take being in a relationship for granted; we assume that because it’s been so long and it’s getting quite serious, we should just quit with the romance and get straight to feeling comfortable – it’s not exactly like that.

The majority of people in serious relationships have simply taken a step backwards instead of forwards, (by this, I mean that they’ve gone into some sort of a rut) and they go back into this strange, possibly ‘lazy’ routine of “I just want to stay home and watch TV”.

Although the concept of staying home with your loved one to watch some movies and cuddle is amazing, it shouldn’t be a constant thing.

Photo by nipitphand FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by nipitphand FreeDigitalPhotos

I have just recently gone into this “rut”. I am the type of person that loves to go out and explore the world, whereas by boyfriend (with whom I’ve been with for almost two years, but have known for sixteen), loves to stay home and watch movies.

Don’t get me wrong; he also likes to go out, but it’s been less frequent. Is it the possibility that we’ve gotten so comfortable within our relationship that we’ve stopped trying?

Being comfortable in a relationship has its good and its bad; I mean, we’re incredibly happy with how much we trust each other with everything, but we’re also upset that we’ve stopped trying to be as romantic because we’re so comfortable with one another.

Why does it have to be like this? We can have comfort but not romance? Can’t we have both? By this I mean; why do we have to stop trying to impress one another with romance because we’re so comfortable with each other?

When starting a relationship with someone, people do the most romantic things; they go to romantic places- they explore, eat at nice restaurants – it’s kind of, well, amazing. It’s an invigorating feeling in the beginning – but now it’s just become the same routine.

There are times where we do go out – maybe to the mall or to get some ice cream, but it’s definitely not the same as it used to be. It’s not that the couple no longer loves each other, it’s just the feeling of comfort steps in, and we no longer have the need to impress one another.

Relationships shouldn’t only be about having to go out, but it also shouldn’t be about laying down and watching television for hours. Many of us no longer have the slightest idea of what to do to keep the romance alive. We often step into the same routine, and don’t ever explore the world. Having nothing to do and going to the mall is not a good way to step out of the “comfort rut”.

There are so many things a couple could do (especially living within the city). Trying different things helps increase the level of romance within the relationship, as opposed to staying home and doing absolutely nothing. When a couple goes out and interacts with the world, it increases their level of romance. Going to a restaurant once in a while is fine, but going on a road trip for a weekend helps rekindle that spark that initially brought you two together – even going for a long walk will help. Surprising each other with the smallest things just brings a smile to their face, and gives them that amazing feeling inside.

We also often take nature for granted. It’s not a necessity to always have to stay indoors. For example; going to a park and having breakfast there can possibly be one of the most romantic thing in my eyes (although for others it may not, but each person has their own thoughts on what is romantic).

You see, that’s another thing; we don’t need to spend a ton of money to be romantic. We can do the simplest of things, but as long as we’re enjoying it, it’ll be amazing. Having discussion or even taking some photos will help the couple enjoy what life has to offer – other than a couch and a television.

Another helpful task to keep the romance alive would be to double date. You can have discussions with other couples and make it fun. The majority of people in relationships have gotten so comfortable staying home that they’ve given up on getting dressed up and going out with another couple. It’s incredibly fun to go out dancing or doing anything else for that matter.

Like I had previously stated, it’s definitely not a bad thing to stay home and cuddle once in a while, but it is necessary to keep the romance and spark within the relationship. Feeling comfortable with one another is good, but feeling too comfortable can cause you and your significant other to lose that spark. Having a reason to go out and interact with the world can most certainly help out the relationship, and reminds you of how much you love each other.

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