The Negatives And Positives Of Tinder Relationships

The Tinder app has grown quite popular recently. The app allows you to match up with an individual that’s precisely around the same location as you. So it’s not that difficult to understand why it’s so popular – you find someone attractive and you swipe to the right, but is this really a positive thing?

First off, let’s just think about the fact that Tinder is somewhat based on someone’s physical attributes before anything else; we’re basically judging someone by the way they look – aren’t we taught that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? But aside from that, this app also matches your Facebook interests and location, so that’s a good thing.

I downloaded Tinder solely for the purpose of research, and I’ve discovered there are many positives and negatives towards this relationship app.

But hey, let’s say that you connect with someone and things don’t completely go wrong – what happens next?

You may chat a little bit with that person, and possibly connect with them. This could even end up turning into a relationship. Although there are a lot people joining Tinder for the interest of simply having a one night stand, there are many others who wish to actually find someone to start a relationship with.

Although I don’t want to say that physical appearance means everything, it does matter quite a bit. We need some sort of physical attraction towards the person we’ve matched with – so the whole swiping to the right or left for a match is a helpful approach towards finding someone you think is attractive, and vise-versa.

Another positive side to Tinder is the fact that there is a compatibility level based on our Facebook profile pages. I mean, this is great for meeting new people (it doesn’t even have to be a love relationship – it’s also great for a friendship).

The little piece of information when looking at someone’s photo also helps you discover whether the person is truly in search for someone they are compatible with, or just a simple fling.

Tinder is the easiest way to meet people without having to go out in search for someone. We can easily find an individual, and speak to them for hours without having to feel nervous or mess up.

Although this app is a positive approach towards starting a relationship, there are many negative traits when using Tinder – but sometimes this isn’t the App’s fault – it’s ours.

Tinder can be a bit tricky – how can you tell whether someone’s lying or not on their bio? They can write ‘searching for that special someone’, and then completely change the way they message you with sexist comments towards your photos. You really have to be careful when meeting someone because they might not be what you expected. So don’t get your hopes up.

I have discovered that while using the app, many people posted old photos of themselves where they look completely different, or photos of themselves in a group, or even their childhood photos. This is a definite no no. You can’t start up any type of relationship with someone via social media if you look completely different now as opposed to maybe ten or twenty years ago. You also can’t post a photo of yourself with three other people in it – how will we know which one you are? We might be looking at your friend instead of you – and that’s just no good.

I also asked some of my guy friends on their Tinder experiences, and they’ve told me that many women post provocative photos of themselves so men can swipe to the right. Is this a good way to start off a relationship? Based on how big your breasts are? And this goes the same way for men; posting photos of your abs doesn’t mean I’m going to be interested in you.

The provocative photos shows others that you’re unconfident about yourself, and you need to get swipes from men or women because that’s the only thing you have to offer.

Not everyone has the same values when searching for someone – some of us actually want to match up with a male or female who thinks the same way we do. We don’t all want a guy with perfect abs, or a woman with big breasts. Some of us just don’t care all that much.

Here’s another thing – how about when you find someone incredibly attractive, and you read their bio, you swipe to the right because you’re super interested, but oops – there’s no match?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think I’d feel slightly offended. I could have possibly started a relationship with this person, and they’re just “not interested”?! How could they! This could just be me being overly sensitive but my feelings would be somewhat hurt if someone didn’t swipe to the right for me when I did for them.

I know it’s not a big deal because you don’t even know who this person is, but when you  look at someone’s photo and you don’t find them attractive and they do, but they don’t get matched with you because you’re just not interested, it just makes them wonder what exactly is wrong with them?

This app has many positives to it – if used properly. I found it to be really useful for those who are searching for someone to start up some sort of relationship with. Sometimes it’s difficult to go out and strike up a conversation with someone, and this app helps you do so by talking to a male or female on your interests, hobbies, etc.

Aside from the positives, we have to realize that if not used properly, we can get ourselves into trouble; meeting new people via social media can be tricky – you might be expecting someone completely different than what you thought they were.

So overall, Tinder is a useful relationship app if used carefully.

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