The Pains Of Job Hunting

Photo by phasinphoto FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by phasinphoto FreeDigitalPhotos

When looking for a job I’m not sure what’s worse, completely being turned away or have a resume taken in but immediately thrown out when you leave? It seems that in the last few weeks of trying to find a part-time job myself I kept running into discouraging scenarios.

During my time trying to desperately get a job I learned a lot of do’s and don’ts. I didn’t care what kind of job, where it was or what I would be doing, I just needed money to pay my bills. The usual young adult in school and living on your own perspective.

This is the point people, myself included start to feel disconnected from other people. Turned away over and over left a feeling of worthlessness also then leading to feelings of anger, frustration and constant worry over money.

These are some of the pains of job hunting these days.

Even though being held back by your own depressing overwhelming emotions if you keep at it you are bound to get an interview, but getting the all important interview just adds to stress. During each interview there’s a pressure to impress, a pressure to prove that you have potential and skills to do that job. The one time though when you do have a good day and a perfect interview you’ve only fought half the battle. Keeping your job is a whole other story. Working hard and making sure work is done correctly won’t get you fired but events out of your control can lead to losing that precious job.

What I learned from my search is not the usual be positive or treat looking for a job like a job, what I learned was to pre-plan. While I was at school I quit my job so I could focus on school. I expected finding a job would take me a week or a month at most, expecting it to be easy. I didn’t think about timing and to top it off a few popular stores with lots of experienced employees all lost their jobs around the same time I desperately needed one, adding to my competition.

I could have saved myself extra stress and hardship if I would have saved more money, kept my job till I found another one or even applied earlier in the year when I started to lose money. I’m sure all young adults like myself go through the pains of job hunting and learn this lesson, but by reading this I hope you can learn from my mistake instead of making your own. It’s easy to use up all your saved up money but when you get as low on money as I did stress comes in and starts affecting you more than you can afford. This is no way to start a successful adult life and can be avoided and prevented when accurately prepared for and thought out carefully.

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